Sorry,  but there are no tips this week.

I have been busy  launching a new writing venture that I’m very excited about.

As well as writing for kids and teens I also love mentoring young writers.

I run weekly and school holiday writing programs for kids and they’re so much fun. But unfortunately, I get heaps of enquiries from people interstate and all over Victoria who can’t make it to the classes.

So now I’ve set up a place where writers from  8 to adult can do free and affordable classes and activities online.

Writing Classes For Kids will focus mostly on helping young writers but new and emerging adult writers will also find the teen tips and lessons helpful. I plan on making them a mixture of theoretical and practical tips like the ones I post here at my DeeScribe Writing Blog.

Here’s what will be happening at  Writing Classes For Kids :

  1. Free Writing activities
  2. Free basic lesson plans
  3. Free Writing tips
  4. Detailed lesson plans to be used at home or in the classroom – can be downloaded for $5 As well as writing activities these will include extension and reflection activities
  5. Free Competitions where you can win free books and writing services
  6. An online assessment service offered
  7. E-books to come
  8. Lots of visits from published authors who will be sharing tips too
  9. Lots of great ideas for your own author visits to schools and festivals

Some topics to watch for include:

Teen to Adult

  1. Heroes & Villains part one – Create great Characters
  2. Heroes & Villains part two – Create a story for your Hero & Villain

Writers 8-12

  1. Writing For Fun – Picture This
  2. Writing For Fun – Pets & Animals
  3. Writing For Fun – Old Character, New Story

Future Lesson Plans

Lesson plans on the blog will be updated regularly. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the topics to be added as we go:

  • Mindmapping
  • Plotting
  • Writing Anthology Pieces
  • Grammar & Tense
  • Essay Writing
  • Story Pyramids
  • Character Collages
  • Setting
  • Dialogue
  • Non fiction beginnings
  • Fiction beginnings

If you’d like to see a lesson plan developed on a particular topic for a particular age group, please feel free to email me at: mailto:Dee@deescribe.com.au


If you’re a published author who’d like to be profiled to our worldwide readership, you can also contact me at the above address.

So if you’ve got kids who love writing or you think you might enjoy the activities and tips I’d love you to visit my new blog Writing Classes For Kids.

I will continue to provide my Tuesday Tips at this blog. If you have any ideas of session plans you’d like to see or things you or the young writers in your house would like to know, feel free to comment in this post.

Happy writing:)


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  1. What a good idea Dee! I might bookmark this for the future… you never know when I may call you for guidance. Keep up the good work! xx Tee

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