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Classes are also available for Kids and Teens


Your feedback is extremely valuable to me and has enriched my story so much – James

It was great using the pictures to create characters ā€“ Ashlee

I enjoyed asking my character questions and finding out more about them ā€“ Bill


  1. Hi there,
    Just like to let people know how much my children aged 8 and 10 enjoy Dee’s Writing Classes for children. I really noticed my 10 yr old girl slowly leaving her “comfort zones” of writing behind and trying out scary things like twists and turns in her writing. I really loved the way the classes help to bring out the little quirks that my kids never knew they had. It is so lovely to have those notes that Dee writes to guide and extend them gently.
    My 8 yr old was really excited to try out the Writing Classes for the younger kids. When we discussed some of the things he had to think about, it was so funny to hear about all the things that were in his head – loved it!!!
    Looking forward to having lots of cups of tea with the kids again during the week while they talk and write happily….
    šŸ™‚ Jean

  2. Thanks Jean,

    I sincerely appreciate the time you have taken to post this feedback. It’s really rewarding to know that I am helping young writers.

    Your two are a delight to work with:)


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