My Workshops at CYA Conference – First Page Feedback Opportunities

For those who aren’t familiar with the CYA Conference, it’s one of my favourite conferences for creators of kid lit and YA books in Australia.

2011becket_med-4It’s a vibrant, friendly event held in Brisbane, and it’s a great chance to network, have your work assessed by industry professionals and learn all about what’s going on in the kid lit/YA publishing world.

Now in it’s 11th year, the conference is “aimed as professional development for new and established writers and illustrators of Children’s and Young Adult literature.”

Each year there are fabulous master classes and workshops conducted by authors, illustrators and industry professionals, and at the 2016 Conference on 2nd July (Something fun to do on election day), I’m thrilled to be presenting two workshops:

  1. Cast Your Characters Into Conflict – add conflict to your story and keep your readers turning the pages.
  2. Conquer Critiquing & Find Fabulous Feedback – learn how to give and receive feedback to take your writing to the next level. Tips on what to look for and what to do with the feedback you receive.


Wondering if the start of your manuscript is doing everything it should? Here’s your chance to get some helpful feedback.

Letters to Leonardo came third at the inaugural CYA competition for unpublished authors.

Letters to Leonardo came third at the inaugural CYA competition for unpublished authors.

We’ll be doing practical activities so I’m looking for the following writing samples to incorporate in my workshop, Conquer Critiquing and Find Fabulous Feedback at the CYA Conference:

1. First page of a chapter book, a Middle Grade novel and a YA novel
2. The first 3 to 5 pages of a picture book
3. A paragraph from you about what you don’t think is working in your story

To submit, you must be attending my workshop at the CYA conference. Unfortunately, we will only have time to workshop one piece of work from each category. email to: with Dee’s Class in the header.

Bookings for the conference can be made through the CYA website. If you want an editor or agent appointment, you’d better get in quick. Appointment bookings close in 8 days.

Hope to see you at CYA. Even if you’re not attending one of my workshops, feel free to come and say, “Hi”.

Happy writing 🙂