Dee avatar 2Want to take your writing to the next level?

Published author, qualified writing instructor and journalist, Dee White can help you solve those writing dilemmas and bring your work up to submission standard.

She’ll answer your writing questions and give you detailed, constructive feedback and mentoring assistance with:


  • Plot and structure
  • Character development
  • Language
  • Themes
  • Dialogue
  • Setting
  • Theme development
  • Increasing tension
  • How to edit your own work
  • Possible markets for your work


  • ESSAYS for school and university
  • Family histories
  • Memoirs
  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Online Content
  • Books
  • How to edit your own work
  • Possible markets for your work

Dee's book covers

For more information, email Dee*at*Deescribe*dot*com*dot*au


Working with Dee has opened my eyes about my writing. I can now look back at my previous works and see what I need to do to make my stories stronger and shine. Dee’s advice and assesments are spot on and I love how her suggestions are easy to understand and apply to my work. She is always encouraging and inspiring. I recommend her to all my writerly friends with no hesitation – Kelly

Your feedback is extremely valuable to me and has enriched my story so much – James

For more information, email Dee*at*Deescribe*dot*com*dot*au

10 thoughts on “WRITING COACH

  1. Hi Dee, I met you at the Twilight School at Rupertswood (Ruth’s friend who was stuck in the lift!) and was wondering about a mentorship program with you. Now I see that you’re full. Eeeek!
    Could you please add me to a cancellation list as I’d love to work with you as soon as any spots become available.

    I need someone ‘writerly’ to look at my picture book and make any recommendations, as I’d really like to start approaching publishers soon.

    Thanks for any recommendations you might have.

    Best regards and hope to talk soon.

    Jo van Niekerk

  2. Hi Jo,

    Thanks for your interest. I had allowed time in my schedule to work with you on your picture book.

    I’ve emailed you with my contact details.

    Looking forward to working with you.


  3. Hey dee,
    I will like to know more about writing, and would like to find out more information on possible writing coaching for me.
    hope to hear back.


  4. Hi Kim,

    What sort of writing do you like doing? Is there a particular project you would like to work on?

    I checked out your blog. I can see you enjoy your writing.

    Happy writing 🙂


  5. I like writing fantasy stories and I’m currently trying to finish a novel, but I’m having trouble, one of my stories is a fiction about writers block and I’m hoping to finish it.
    I’ve entered some of the writing competitions you have created, and I really enjoy writing so finishing a story is my goal

  6. Hi Kim,

    If you can tell me what you’re having trouble with perhaps I could do a blog post about it to help you. To find out more about writing there are different things you can do including read books about writing, do writing courses or read online pieces on writing. Writers Digest is a really good online resource. http://www.writersdigest.com I also have lots of articles about writing on this blog.


  7. well dee, I think I’m struggling the most with finishing stories one of mine in particular I know every part and the order it goes in but as soon as I try to write it I never know how to word it,
    I’ve read many books and articles but nothing seems to work properly.

    I’ve wanted to try some writing courses but I’ve never had the opportunity.

    Hope this gives you some ideas.
    I’ve been working on one of my stories for 5 years and it hasn’t got anywhere but I love it too much to give up on it…


  8. Hi Kim,

    Have you tried writing the end of your story first? Sometimes the more you worry about a story, the harder it is to write so writing things out of order can help.

    I have an online course that goes for six sessions called What Happens Next? It goes through all the stages of the story including the ending. It’s called What Happens Next? And you’ll find out more about it here: http://writingclassesforkids.com/products/writing-classes/


  9. thanks for all your help Dee, I will take your advice in mind, and I know it’s already helped a lot, I’ve been I a bit of a rut for a while and been able to break it today thanks to you, I will take a look at the courses.
    thanks again


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