Due to the overwhelming success of  the ‘Find a Writing Buddy’ event, I’ve decided to make this a permanent page on the blog so writers can meet other likeminded writers who can help them improve their craft and chances of publication.

If you  have found a buddy already and don’t want to be included on the permanent page, please let me know in the comments section of this page and I will take your name off the list.

NOTE:  Your writing buddy doesn’t have to live near you. You can crit each other’s work and help each other online:) Also, if their genre isn’t quite the same as yours…particularly YA, that doesn’t really matter either. The main thing is that they understand what you are writing and have written similar length works. For example if you write novels, it’s best to find a crit buddy who has written novels so that they understand what it takes to plot and put together a work of that length.

If you want to find a writing partner/crit buddy/beta reader, here’s what to do:

Step One

Register your interest in finding a crit buddy in the comments section of this page by listing:

  1. Your name – it can be a pen name if you wish;
  2. Genre you write in;
  3. Country or state you live in;
  4. Two or three previous publishing credits if any;(Don’t worry if you haven’t been published yet.)TRY AND RELATE YOUR PUBLISHED CREDITS TO THE MAIN GENRE YOU WRITE IN.
  5.  List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy;
  6.  Give details of how you can be contacted – email, Facebook or twitter.

Step Two

The next step is for you to check back here in the comments section of this page and see if there’s someone who matches your interest in writing and goals.

At the start of every year, I will remove all comments on this page except for those added in the previous year so if you haven’t yet found a crit buddy, feel free to add your details again.

Happy writing and I hope you find the writing buddy of your dreams.

Please feel free to share this blog post through Facebook, Twitter etc. I want to help as many writers as possible find a crit buddy.


P.S. Cassie Curie runs a forum where you can find a writing buddy and/or discuss writing related issues. Here’s the link:

133 thoughts on “FIND A WRITING BUDDY

  1. Hi all,
    FYI, if you are still looking for a critique buddy ( which I am still), here is a website which I’ve found , Joined last night and it appear to be based on point system, you earns points on critique someone else work, When you have enough points, you submit your ms to be critique by other members.


  2. Your name – Gavin Tonks;
    Genre you write in; Adult Fantasy and small business advice
    Country or state you live in;South Africa
    Two or three previous publishing credits if any;24 hour survival guide for small business and lots of articles.
    List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy;
    honesty, honesty, honesty
    Give details of how you can be contacted – email, Facebook or twitter.

  3. Your name – Vicki Barnes
    Genre you write in; Urban Fantasy
    Country or state you live in; England
    Two or three previous publishing credits if any; previously published in an online magazine and beta reader for a couple of authors
    List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy; honest, polite and friendly
    Give details of how you can be contacted – email, Facebook or twitter. and or

  4. Brenda Mandel
    Genre Historical Fiction , Romance,
    Country , California San Diego
    Credits, Poetry Anathology, Articles, Childrens book
    Three qualities : Objective Supportive, Seek an experienced writer ,in Historical Fiction and Romance,, Children
    Contact details email :

  5. Name – Francesco
    Genre I write in: travel, short stories (fictional and not)
    I live in: Brno, Czech Republic
    I am from Italy and I write both in Italian and English; I’d also like a native English speaker as buddy to advise me on the language. Feel free to contact me!

  6. Not sure if this is where I leave a request or not.

    NAME: Pauline Sherwood
    Genre: Middle years fiction (kids 9-12 years). Have just finished the first in hopefully a series of books about a 12-year old super sleuth.
    Country: Victoria, Australia
    Publishing Credits: Children’s plays in NSW School Magazine, Two plays by Bushfire Press, one by W.W.I.T. press.
    Most important qualities I am looking for in a buddy: Someone with an understanding of the age group and what they read. Someone who can take an overall view of the book (what works, what doesn’t etc.) and not get tied up with the small stuff. Someone who can make honest, constructive criticism.
    Contact details:

  7. Name: Alex
    Genre: Suspense/Thriller, also some Non-fiction
    Live: Uzbekistan (British ex pat)
    Credit: None recently
    Qualities: Objective, constructive, honest, supportive

  8. Name: Walidah Haynes
    Genre I write in: YA Paranormal/supernatural
    Live: US of A, the big NC
    Credits: None, but working on getting some
    Looking for: Someone who knows their left from their right when it comes to writing, and willing to really get into my story and treat it like it’s their own.

    I’m open to reading the work of anyone whom is open to reading my work, and you can contact me here: or here: also I’m on and my username is WrittenInBlood88

  9. Your name – it can be a pen name if you wish; Kyle

    Genre you write in; Science Fiction/Fantasy

    Country or state you live in; Richmond, VA

    Two or three previous publishing credits if any; I don’t have anything published.
    List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy; Someone good at helping someone organise their thoughts, positive and upbeat, and willing to encourage a first timer

    Give details of how you can be contacted –

  10. I write literary fiction. Have one self published novel through CreateSpace. Working on my next novel. Need an honest writing buddy to share ideas with, critique our works and motivate each other.

  11. Natasha Bowen
    Unpublished (at the moment 🙂 )
    I’m a teacher in England with a degree in English and Creative Writing. Have been writing for years but have ramped up a gear in the last year. I’m looking to establish a writing partnership where we read, critique, bounce ideas and cheer each other one. We should be able to be honest but constructive, reliable (maybe read a piece/word count selection once a week/fortnightly) and enthusiastic.

    Contact me

  12. Christie Mack
    Contemporary Romance
    Sydney, Australia
    I’ve published two books on Amazon and other platforms titled Home is Where the Heart is and Lucky One.
    I’m looking to establish a writing friendship where we read, bounce ideas off one another, critique and generally be there for each other when we’ve hit a slump with writing.

    Contact me

  13. Hi. Looking for a writing buddy.
    Name: Lois Carr
    Genre: New Adult/Young Adult. Mainly sci-fi/speculative or fantasy/paranormal.
    State: Humberside, England
    Previous credits: Plays at a local theatre. Currently unpublished.
    Crit buddy qualities: Honesty, constructive critique. Be there for the other when we hit blocks or to share ideas, reliability and enthusiasm. I’m not the most experienced critiquer but I’ll try my best.
    Contact: Twitter: @LoisCarry4528 or email:

  14. Hello anyone taking the time to read this. I am looking for a writing buddy that will be there for me whenever. Someone dedicated. Someone that will check their email frequently, because I check mine every day currently. Once school starts.. I’m not sure if I’ll get to it every single day, but I will try!!! I’m eighteen if you wanted to know. I’ll be starting college, and that might take up a lot of my time, but I hope that doesn’t scare you off.
    NAME: Ryann Asher
    GENRE: YA fantasy, romance
    STATE: Michigan
    PREVIOUS CREDITS: Never been published :/
    CRIT BUDDY QUALITIES: Honest feed back (of course), Supportive, Dedicated, Sense of humor is appreciated!!!

  15. Anousha McKenzie
    Genre you write in; Fantasy/Adventure,YA,Children
    Country or state you live in; Scotland
    Two or three previous publishing credits if any;none yet- I am a newbie, started on CWC last year to find out if the ideas I carry in my head are any good.
    List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy; My head is buzzing with ideas, the issue I have is sorting through this and putting it all on paper in a right order. I need an honest opinion, constructive criticism and motivation. I offer the same.

  16. Your name – Mark Bau
    Genre you write in; non fiction, memoir, poetry
    Country or state you live in; Australia
    Two or three previous publishing credits if any; Australian Railway Enthusiast,
    List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy; No holds barred honesty, ability to suggest edits, positive and kind soul.
    Give details of how you can be contacted – Facebook: Mark Bau

  17. Moving forward day to day and getting your word count (for me at least) is it a lot like exercise: It’s easier if others are showing up or giving encouragement. When you hit the dreaded wall having others ask you how it’s going can make all the difference in the world.

    I’m suggesting a “how’s your writing going, hey lets post our word counts online so we can give each other high-fives for hitting it or encouragement and advice when you don’t and hey by the way i’m stuck here what do you think” type of thing.

    Here’s my details…hope we’re a match 🙂

    Your name – Vince
    Genre you write in – Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Thrillers, Sci Fi

    Country or state you live in – United States, East Coast

    List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy:

    1) Dependability (I’m there for you, let’s return the favor?)
    2) Serious about wanting to write (I’m in this for better or worse, looking for someone that wants to make it happen)
    3) Though not absolutely required, it’s always great to find people who read and write in the same type of genre’s you are.

    Give details of how you can be contacted – email:

  18. Your name : Claire
    Genre you write in; Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Romance, YA
    Country or state you live in; London, UK
    Two or three previous publishing credits if any: Only magazine articles a few years ago – I am a fiction writer at heart and am no longer submitting to mags.
    List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy; agreeing a word count per week/day. regular check-ins to measure progress against this, can keep to (or will do their very best to keep to) agreed schedules or goals we set, motivating, good sense of humour, not a psycho
    Give details of how you can be contacted – this is my email address!

  19. Thanks so much Dee! And thanks for your blog – Through this page I’ve just joined up with another writer who was looking for a buddy and now we have a group of three!! 🙂

  20. Claire’s comments are seconded. Thanks for setting this blog up.

    We had our first Skype session today and I couldn’t be more excited to work with my writing buddies. Go team go!

  21. 1. Name: Betty
    2. Genre: Right now I’m writing YA high fantasy, but I’m also into most kinds of speculative fiction, and I enjoy mystery, crime and suspense. I’d probably be up for anything but Romance… which I only dislike on its own.
    3.Country: Australia, NSW/
    4. Never been published before.
    5. I’d consider enthusiasm, a good eye for picking up mistakes, and dedication to writing to be the most important qualities in a crit partner. Preferably someone who writes regularly and wouldn’t mind just reading snippets of my own work when I’m excited as well as maybe monthly critiques.
    6. I can be contacted at yellowdots2121(at)gmail(dot)com

  22. Name: Tom
    Genre: Melancholy Comedy or Melancomedy
    Country: England, UK
    Published: Nothing Yet
    Buddy Qualities: Enthusiasm to write and create stories, Originality when it comes to ideas, and finally a writing buddy preferably should be open minded – not afraid to try new things and take new approaches.
    Contact –

    Thanks 🙂

  23. 1. Name: Lilla
    2. Genre: Short fiction, sci-fi, contemporary
    3. Country: Hungary
    4. I’m an absolute beginner.
    5. Want a writing buddy who has also started yesterday, who pushes me to build writing into my daily routine, and who is critical and honest enough 🙂
    My e-mail if you are interested:

  24. Hi!

    My name is Christine.

    I write fantasy/sci-fi type stories with some romance mixed in. I love all types of stories whether their in books, movies or music.

    I live in the USA, in Arizona.

    I’m not published as of yet. Working on a book now.

    I’m looking for a writing buddy, someone to exchange ideas, work out story details, challenge one another and maybe set word count goals for each other.

    Email me at cdavis789 @ .

    I’m up for communicating through email or Facebook. We can explore other options if we decide to.

    Well…. That’s it! Hoping to find a buddy to listen to and who’ll listen to me. Thanks for reading!

  25. NAME: Kristina Piat
    GENRE: YA romance
    PREVIOUS CREDITS: Wrote YA romance novel, never been published
    CRIT BUDDY QUALITIES: committed to working together, takes writing seriously

    Hey 🙂 I want to find a writing buddy to be able stay accountable about meeting writing deadlines, encourage each other, give each other constructive criticism and just simply have a friend to share this writing journey with 🙂

  26. My name is Rachel.
    I write in the science fiction/fantasy genre with an element of romance mixed in.
    I live in Utah.
    I am not published yet, though I am working a few projects.
    The most important thing for me is that my buddy help keep me focused. I don’t necessarily need a babysitter, but I tend to work better when I am accountable to someone.
    I also want someone who is not afraid to tell me that an idea is crap or that I am missing the mark. In other words, brutal honesty is important to me.
    Also, being a bit of a beginner, I would like someone that I can discuss plot line problems, character issues, and the like with.
    I have no problem using Facebook and email for communication, but would like the initial contact to be via email.

  27. Hello everyone, my name is Richmond. I’m currently into urban fantasy/sci-fi genre, but I’m open to following my Muse wherever she takes me. I’ve self-published a poetry collection and a collection of stories, mostly just to know the process of publishing.

    My ideal writing buddy:
    – writing under or interested in the sci-fi/fantasy genre
    – preferably, a starting writer like me
    – preferably, around my age group (I’m born October 20th 1990)

    What we’ll do:
    – We don’t necessarily need to create something together. We’ll be more like writers who are taking on the journey together. But of course, I’m open to collaborations some day.
    – We’ll check on each other. Which means, a weekly catch-up via message or e-mail or any means you’re comfortable with
    – We’ll be each other’s beta reader and critic.
    – We’ll support each other during writer’s block or whatever block we are facing.
    – We’ll be friends and share the joys of writing. 🙂

    Some stuff about me that you might consider:
    – I’m not a full-time writer: I have a 9 to 5 (sometimes 9 to 10pm) job as a software engineer. I mostly write during weekends and in the evening during weekdays.
    – English is not my native language. I’m from the Philippines. But you can check out “my voice” in my blog for consideration:

    You can contact me via:
    – Email:
    – Twitter: @ichimond (

    That’s it! Thanks and happy writing! And thanks Dee for hosting this. 🙂

  28. Name: Lana
    Genre : I like writing horrors and supernatural, but I experiment
    Country : Croatia
    Credits: none
    I would need someone who could proof-read my stories and tell me their opinion, mistakes and so on

  29. Name: Terry Gene
    Genre: SciFi with themes of life and relationships.
    Country: USA
    Credits: Lots, but all technical non-fiction and don’t count here.
    Interested in a Beta reader to dig in and help the story make sense. Already did critique circle two passes, and ‘autocrit’.

    Tagline: If you are hollow, how do you get full?
    I have a SciFi set of novels, Matryoschka Sarah that delves into the meaning of life. (not paranormal, YA, male-female relationships, but no “romance.”)
    Basic Plot. A victim of a high-energy physics experiment gone haywire stops a veteran committing suicide. She will die without his intercession. On the surface, only one can get what they need, i.e. either both life or both die. The truth is deeper, and involves their training, families, and beliefs. The agency who messed up the original experiment ‘helps,’ but ultimately the protagonists find their solution.

    Beta Proposal. Exchange or straight read. To keep the commitment manageable for readers and to give an early out of we aren’t compatible, I’m sending the first novel out in thirds. I work in all genres, except erotica, (it bores me) and urban fantasy (can’t put my mind around it.) for out of date stuff, and for all communications.

  30. 1. Alice
    2. Grotesque crime fiction… 😉 (I’m writing on a novel)
    3. Denmark
    4. Have short stories published in 4 anthologies.
    a) That you are serious about writing/it’s your goal to become a writer/get published.
    b) That you have humour and are “easy going”/easy to talk to.
    c) That you want you set daily/weekly writing goals. Ask each other about what our writing plans are for tomorrow and then ask how it went. I imagine that we – as writing buddies – could encourage each other and hold each other accountable for writing.

  31. Kit W.
    Texas, USA
    Unpublished (technically)

    Seeking the beginnings of a beautiful partnership with someone who’s mind’s venn diagram overlaps with mine. Preferably someone fluent in sarcasm and dark humor, willing to think outside the proverbial box and take risks, and has read “Good Omens” because that’s a pretty much the beautiful collaboration that I’m looking for. If you’re interested contact me via email at kwb919(at)live(dot)com.

  32. Your name – Stephanie

    Genre you write in; Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror

    Country or state you live in; Canada!

    Two or three previous publishing credits if any: Nothing really yet!

    List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy; Feedback, Honest, Knows how to have fun while writing

    Give details of how you can be contacted –

  33. Your Name – Camille.

    Genre You Write In – Erotica.

    Country Or State You Live In – France.

    Two Or Three Previous Publishing Credits If Any – Only short stories published online as right now.

    List The Three Most Important Qualities You Are Looking For In A Writing Buddy – Honestly, enthusiasm, and finally feedback / English help (since my first language is French, and I’m still learning to be good in English).

    Give Details Of How You Can Be Contacted –

  34. Hi Dee. Thanks for this spot for writers. I have found some writing buddies, so would like to be taken off your list. Thanks a lot.

  35. Your name – Claire
    Genre you write in: I mostly write in Romance and YA but I am always willing to try new genres especially in short stories. I am looking for someone whom I can talk about plot details, characters and who can help me stay on track with my works. I’m not looking specifically for people to read my works (although French and Frenck-speaking people are welcome to talk to me and I’ll be glad to critique and be critiqued).
    You can contact me at:, I’m looking for someone passionate and who would like to share his passion of writing.

  36. name: M.E. Peaco
    genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
    where: Alaska, US
    nothing published 😦
    three qualities in a buddy: hmmmm. I guess he/she has to be nice, open minded, and a little weird 😉
    i have a IG, Kik, DeviantArt and some other apps that I havnt opened in a long time (Skype, Snapchat, stuff like that)
    IG: you_had_me_at_whats_up
    Kik: MirandaE12
    DA: AnimeMiranda99

  37. Hi I’m Faith from the Uk I’m trying to write YA and also non fiction blog posts about life and stuff I don’t really have any publishing credits, I’m a bit green to this whole thing. The three most important qualities for me are honesty- if it’s terrible tell me I need someone who’s going to be honest with me, constructive critiquing- give me advice on how to make it better and a sense of humour I’m a little bit sarcastic and tend to over exaggerate. You can contact me at 🙂

  38. Name: Serge
    Genre: Fiction Medical Suspense (w/ a theme involving closeted gay men worldwide)
    Country: Canada
    Publishing credits; First Time Writer
    Most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy;
    – looking for an experienced mature author to assist me in polishing my draft manuscript (300 pages)
    – could become a co-author or not
    – my novel needs fresh set of eyes to help me fix flow, deeper characters,. etc.
    – person who can critique, understands developmental editing. and suggest how to fix problem my areas
    Contacted –

  39. Name: Amber Croushore

    Genre: Paranormal Romance, YA/NA, Romance and Fantasy. My current project that I am starting is a paranormal romance with the possibility of becoming a series.

    Country: USA

    Credits: None as of yet.

    Most important qualities of a writing buddy: Honest, dedicated (accountability is a must), and with great communication skills.

    Looking for a writing buddy, someone who is just getting started on a project like me. I have just started the snowflake method and I am looking for someone who is willing to work through each step with me in order to complete our novels. We will give feedback to each other throughout each and every step until we have both succeeded. Its gonna be a lot of work but it should be worth it in the end.

    Contact details:

    Email: pls include writing buddy in the subject line so I do not mark as spam.



    Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this and I hope to be hearing from someone soon. 🙂


  40. 1. Miranda J.
    2. I am currently writing a fantasy novel, although I am also working on a dystopian futuristic novel as well.
    3. I live in Michigan, USA.
    4. No publishing credits yet.
    5. I am open to anyone as my writing buddy, but I would like if the person was reliable and we could inspire each other and exchange word counts
    6. My email is, and my kik is mirandaj4444.
    I would love to hear from anyone!

  41. Your name: Angel B.
    Genre: I have written YA Fantasy, YA Contemporary, and as of right now, a New Adult book with a sci-fi and romance mixture.
    Living: USA, FL
    Publishing credits: None
    Qualities: Females only; determination, sense of humor, and brutal honesty. I want to be able to hear what needs to be fixed, what sucks, and what needs to be done. I am willing to do the same for you.

    I’ve written books since I was around 8. In the past few years (I just turned 23), I have taken my writing seriously. I want to publish the traditional way, but I’m not afraid of self-publishing as well. I can be contacted by email;
    Facebook is fine, if you want. I’d like to see if we click through email first, though.

  42. Writing buddies are hard to come by. xD

    Your name: Rose Grey

    Genre you write in; Romance (normally modern and fantasy, MIGHT delve into historical) with
    Multiple sexual orientations (m/m m/f, and f/f)

    Country or state you live in: San Diego, CA (and Camarillo, CA during Fall and Spring Semesters)

    Two or three previous publishing credits if any; I haven’t been published yet. xD;

    List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy; Dedication (I’d like to think of us as friends as well as writing buddies; you’re there for me, and I’m there for you. ^^), Open Mindedness (I do write non-het fiction, and also plan to write less “vanilla” in future stories), and a willingness to bounce ideas off each other would be awesome! 😀

    Give details of how you can be contacted – email, Facebook or twitter.
    I can be reached at my email:

  43. 1.Name: Tyonca (Pen Name)

    2.Genre you write in: Open to most all genre. I write what ever comes to mind with no thought to what the genre is until I finish writing. (I don’t think genre is important until the end of it.) I do have a book idea that is in the planning stage of my writing. I am hoping to find someone to write the male part of a undercover FBI agent. I will be writing as a female assassin working for the Mafia Don. I am picky when it comes to my writing and won’t write with just anyone but I will bounce idea’s around with anyone. Writing is a big part of my life so I want someone that feels that same way.

    3.Country or state you live in: USA

    4.Two or three previous publishing credits if any: Not published but I hope to be one day.

    5. List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy:
    1. Someone that can help me when I hit the “Mid-draft slump” and of course I will help you to (That is what friends are for.)
    2. Someone that can write with me and understands that some of my started idea’s don’t always get finished. Sometimes I go back to them but I jump around. I am really hoping that if I have someone depending on me it will keep my mind from wondering in different places.
    3. Someone that will tell me the truth and nothing but the truth. I have my family to tell me that my writing sounds good. What I need is someone to tell me what needs fixing or if it just needs to be trashed. My feelings won’t get hurt I work in a small area with 13 females, I don’t break easy.

    6. Give details of how you can be contacted – for now.

  44. Name: Taylor Young (Usually go by SoullessLove or Soul online)
    Genre: I pretty much stay in fantasy with horror elements, I also dabble in poetry though prose is definitely prioritized. My only current serious project is a Fantasy/adventure with some horror.
    Country/State: USA, Florida
    Publishing credits: None currently
    List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy;
    I’d like someone I can build a casual friendship with as well, someone that can give and take helpful critique rather than just nice comments, I’d really like someone in the same genre as me that is long term dedicated to writing
    Contact me at:

    (note I realize the username sounds like a sad 14 year old girl made it, I wanted it to relate to one of my book titles and I was in highschool. Now I’ve just had the username so long I feel odd using anything else)
    I started writing short stories when I was in elementary school and never really stopped, I attempted my first novel length work in seventh grade, spoiler alert it was terrible. In the last few years I have become more dedicated and serious in my writing. I’ve had a couple of writing buddies in the past, all of which either quit writing, or while we are still friends our writing genre interests are so different that we aren’t much help to each other.

  45. Your name – Araya Tegan;
    Genre you write in; coming of age/ midevil future post apocalypse. For example what it might be like growing up after the world has changed dramatically from what it is now
    Country or state you live in; Maine, USA
    Two or three previous publishing credits if any;(Don’t worry if you haven’t been published yet.)TRY AND RELATE YOUR PUBLISHED CREDITS TO THE MAIN GENRE YOU WRITE IN.
    I published one poem in Maine, all entries were published.
    List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy
    I want to be crit buddies with some one who can help me stay on tast. And I’ll do the same for them. For example, if we say we’ll have twenty pages done on our rough drafts by the end of the week, we’ll email each other at the end of the week to see if we accomplished that goal. I suppose I want an accountability buddy. And then once we’re done revising our own work as much as we can, we could trade and revise each others work.
    Give details of how you can be contacted – email, Facebook or twitter.

    My email is I’m also on facebook.

  46. Hello, I’m looking for a person who is on a similar “writing journey” as I am on. It doesn’t matter which country you are from, although I only speak English.

    Name: Dean Cummings

    Genre: I’m about 80% through my first novel ever. I’ve enjoyed the experience much more than I would have originally thought two months ago when I began to write the story that was banging around in my head. If I were to categorize my novel, I suppose it might be a type of Romantic Suspense Novel. I have tried to blend my imagination with a few reasonably historically accurate facts. The historical facts are, in essence, a backdrop to what my novel really is – a love story.

    Country: Canada – Province – Alberta

    Credits: None – although prior to this first novel attempt, I had a habit of writing “thank you” and “encouragement notes”. When I was a teenager, one of the first biographies I read was about the late Princess Diana. I read that she was an avid thank you note writer. That was the catalyst to getting me stared, and I have done so ever since.

    Qualities I am looking for in a writing buddy:

    An amateur writer, like myself who is early in their own discovery of their joy of novel writing. I own a music school (although I am not a musician) as a vocation, so the art of writing seems natural as I love and am around music all the time!

    Someone who wishes to be in contact every week or so, who would enjoy comparing experiences about writing progress, character development, story structure, etc. the exchanges can be brief, or longer, depending on the experience they wish to share.

    Someone who has a desire to bring encouragement, joy and hopefulness to others through their stories. Someone who appreciates that the journey of love between two people is one of the most breathtaking and exciting experiences anyone can have. Someone who has an interest in late 20th century history would be nice as well – but not necessary.

    Someone who lives out the words of the late Admiral Grace Hopper: “A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are for. Sail out to sea and try new things!”

    Contact information: email:

    Thanks, Dean

  47. Name: James (pen-name)
    Genre: Adventure, fantasy, drama, medieval-ish.
    Country: The Netherlands

    Buddy: I am looking for a motivational partnership, where a form of accountibility is present, such as perhaps setting weekly/daily deadlines for a number of words or chapter or whatever. And just encourage one another! And having fun conversations about anything is a major plus! Just to keep a friendship going.

    Contact: by e-mail at

  48. Name: Tom (I’m yet to think of a really cool pen name

    Genre: Thriller and crime/mystery

    Country: Australia

    What I’m looking for: Ok, I’ve never had a buddy or anything before but I think it might help me with my writing. I enjoy writing short stories but have recently started my first ever novel and would love someone to help me by reading it. Ideally, it would be someone also writing a first novel that I could also help them with. My current novel at the moment is a thriller about a terrorist attack on an olympic park. I like to think it’s the same kind of genre as Mathew Reilly’s books 🙂

    Contact: Email is


  49. Your name: Helen Cox
    Genre you write in; Romantic Suspense and Fantasy
    Country or state you live in; England
    Two or three previous publishing credits if any; I’ve written 3 non-fiction books previously and edited a film magazine but this is my first foray into Fiction
    List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy; a balanced viewpoint, a knowledge of literature and film, a sense of humour!
    Email: Helenography @ or tweet me @Helenography

  50. Name: Nikki
    Genre: Adult/ YA Fantasy, Sci-fi, New Adult, anything with a mix of romance and kick-butt characters.
    Home: US, Illinois
    Publishing credits: Published a short story, but would hardly consider it a published title. Have been working on many projects for many years, but I am currently slaving away over a historical/ new adult fantasy about Native Americans and blood-thirsty creatures with a romance mashed in. Not as historical as you’d imagine.
    Some important qualities found in other crazy individuals called Writers: decent sense of humor, interested in the same books I read, will deal with my swearing habit, and listen to me ramble and complain about my characters like they are real people. Also, someone who will support and push me to get my butt into high gear.
    Other: I would consider myself a decent writer, but who honestly knows?? I suck at world building but consider myself an expert at developing characters. Contact me and we’ll exchange some work to see if we are compatible.
    Contact: send your owl with a letter to my living room window- just kidding. Email me at and we’ll figure out other forms of communication from there.


  51. Hi all,

    On top of the other resources listed, I just came across a site that finds your writing buddy for you. It’s called It’s free and finds your writing buddy based on what genre you write in, how much experience you have, etc., basically doing what this site does but taking out the part where you have to search for yourself.

    Thought it may be helpful.

  52. Hi Dee, Thanks for having this spot for writers. I have found some writing buddies, so I would please like to be taken off your list.Thanks so much Dee.

  53. Your name: Tim Brian
    Genre you write in: Action-Adventure/Western; Western
    Country or state you live in: Tennessee, USA
    Two or three previous publishing credits if any: Haven’t been published Yet.
    List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy:
    1. Must be friendly and be willing to work with an amateur writer.
    2. Must have a lot of patience when it comes to helping a new writer.
    3. Who has some experience with writing fiction especially Westerns and Adventure stories.

    Give details of how you can be contacted:

  54. Hello, all! I’m Brandi, and I’m looking for a writing buddy. I’ve written a couple of feature length screenplays, one of which was independently produced a few years ago. We got into four film festivals in 2013. Most of my writing would fall under the horror/psychological thriller genres.

    Things I look for in a writing buddy include honesty, sense of humor, and time to spend working with me. If we are compatible, you can expect me to email or text frequently. The writing world can be a lonely place. Having someone to talk to that understands can be a great motivation

  55. Your name – M.J. or Mabel
    Genre you write in; romance, YA, supernatural, whatever peeks my interest. Really everything but horror, poetry, or non-fiction.
    Country or state you live in; USA GA
    Nothing published yet, but hopefully soon.
    Honest opinions; I don’t want anything sugar-coated or I won’t be able to get better. I’m not really sure what else to put but that.
    Give details of how you can be contacted –

  56. Your name – Sam
    Genre you write in: Sci-fi, historical fiction, spec-fic, general
    Country or state you live in: UK
    List the two most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy:
    Give details of how you can be contacted – email, Facebook or twitter:

  57. I have 70, 000 words of a story already written. Set in the USA it concerns the movements of three members of one family and their evenatural arrival (separately) in San Francisco. Legendary criminal Lane McCartney his beautiful ex wife and their daughter who has disappeared from her prestigious school at the very time a professors body has been discovered. Problems I’m having? Writing the daughter, and not being American. Interested? Let me know. My name is Ray, I live in London England.

  58. 1. Name: Amelia Allen
    2. Genre: Romance, romantic comedy, humor
    3. Country: US
    4. Publications: Every Writer’s Resource, Stinkwaves Magazine
    5. Really just looking for a friend to talk to along the way; share struggles, ideas, follow blogs, that sort of thing. Hope to hear from you soon!
    6. Email:

  59. Name: Ambrosia (pen name/online alias)
    Genre: Young Adult & New Adult — nearly all are “slice of life” stories, most with elements of romance & drama. Some feature characters of different sexual orientations, though usually not the main pairing. I’d love to do fantasy or post-apocalyptic someday.
    Country or state you live in: Indiana, USA
    Two or three previous publishing credits if any: I’ve had some articles in a couple of newspapers in the past; no fiction publishing credits yet. 🙂
    3 most important qualities in a crit buddy: Agreeing a word count per week/day. Regular check-ins to measure progress against this. Someone friendly & motivating, hopefully have some things in common so can be friends as well as writing buddies. 🙂

  60. 1. Name: E.J.
    2. Genre: YA (/NA)
    3. Country: Belgium
    4. Nothing yet, still writing on the story I want to see published one day
    5. Looking for someone to read it through once in a while and share his/her thoughts on my it. Someone who is writing his/her own story, so we can motivate each other and share our journey.
    6. Email:

  61. name: Marissa Richards
    Genre: Mystery, romance, tragedy, and the supernatural
    Publications: I’m a beginner so just starting on my first book and could use someone to talk to

  62. 1. Name – Vern (Pen Name)

    2. Genre you write in — I tend to write humorous pieces, short fiction, contemporary. I consider myself a starting writer.  I work full-time, so please consider that in how much feedback you need (how often). Still, I want to engage as much as I can

    3. Country or state you live in — Pennsylvania, USA

    4. Two or three previous publishing credits if any —  One full-length Op-Ed published years ago! (But I’m still proud of it)

    5. List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy —

    #1. One thing I really enjoy (and hope my buddy will enjoy, too) is the Folding Story or Exquisite Corpse. It’s fun to do as an exercise, but could turn into a publishable work.

    #2. I’m looking for someone who is honest, but thoughtful in their criticism. I also prefer to work with someone who’s not thin-skinned.

    #3. I’m looking for someone with a good sense of humor, even a bit on the dark side.

    6. Email:, Mind_of_Knauer (Twitter),

  63. 1. Name: Joy

    2. Genre: YA to New Adult (supernatural,paranormal, and fantasy work. I prefer stories filled with adventure!)

    3. Country: Canada

    4. Publishing Credits: Nothing recent, however I wrote for my town’s newspaper for two years as a weekly reporter and was published twice by Teen Ink Magazine.

    5. Right now I’m looking for someone to keep me motivated and to give me feedback on my short stories. I’m also up to fun writing challenges and exercises that we could compare! I want a long term relationship, not just a casual writerly hook up.

    I prefer honest but gentle criticism and sometimes need a kick in the butt to get moving.

    My strengths include offering kind critiques and looking at things in-depth along with a willingness to experiment. Available for skype chats or facebook messaging or whatever works best for you.

    My weaknesses: Self doubt frequently slows me down.

    6. Email:

    *I like to use the swears in my work sometimes
    **LGBT+ characters
    ***I do have a website and a tumblr account that are currently under construction. They can be reached here: and

  64. Your name – Liz

    Genre you write in; Young / New Adult

    Country or state you live in; South Africa

    Two or three previous publishing credits if any; Published my first Afrikaans novel through Publishing World SA and currently waiting for my second Afrikaans novel to be published through my own publishing company ‘The Mad Typewriter’

    List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy; Honesty, Kind, Fearless

    Give details of how you can be contacted – or twitter @mad_lizzy7 or my blog:


  65. Your name – Adam Hughes

    Genre you write in — Darkness (horror/family/western)

    Country or state you live in — US

    Two or three previous publishing credits if any — lots of blog work; several self-published short stories (

    List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy — reliability, willingness to experiment, long-range vision

    Give details of how you can be contacted –

  66. name: Jessica
    Genre you write in: contemporary
    Country you live in: Singapore (but English origins)
    Publishing experience: Does the school newspaper count?
    Three important qualities you are looking for: Someone that doesn’t judge me for being a teen writer, patient and active.
    How to contact me: you can contact me through email:

  67. Name: Jessica
    Genre: contemporary
    Publishing experience: …..does the school newspaper count?
    Country I live in: Singapore (since ten years) but I actually come from England.
    Three important qualities that I am looking for: someone that is active, isn’t scared to give me a piece of their mind when it comes to critiquing, and is patient.
    How you can contact me:
    Personal note: Some people may be put of by this, but I am a teenager and I am still in highschool. This doesn’t mean that I am any less experienced then you or that I can’t write good like many people tend to think, the only thing that it means is that I just know a lot more pointless facts then you do.

  68. Name – TOS
    Genre you write in – fantasy fiction, poetry
    Country – USA
    Publishing credits – One of my poems was published by the college I went to.
    Qualities that I’m looking for – interesting, available, interested in collaboration
    email –

  69. 1. Name: Rachel
    2. Genre: Young adult, new adult, speculative, drama
    3. Location: MD, USA
    4. Have not yet submitted anything for publishing. Recently submitted work for a couple writing contests *fingers crossed*
    5. I am looking for someone willing to exchange stories . I would like to exchange comments, ideas, and basically find someone who is willing to take the time to read and critique, and who is willing to let me do the same, and have a good time with it. I enjoy when people read my work and offer thoughts/opinions, and I love reading other people’s work and giving feedback. It’s a win/win!

  70. Your name – moon under a mask

    Country or state you live in – dubai UAE

    Genre:Adult Fantasy

    I’m writing something similar to The Lord of the Rings and A Song of Fire and Ice.

    Two or three previous publishing credits if any NONE

    List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy;
    Patient, Intelligent, Honest
    Give details of how you can be contacted – email (

  71. Your name – Mohanned
    Genre — Action, Fantasy, Adventure.
    Country or state you live in — Sweden Malmö/Gothenburg;
    I’m currently at 120k words in the story I’m writing.

    List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy; Someone who is available, honest and thorough. I can take criticism.
    Give details of how you can be contacted – Skype: phantominoid
    or email:

  72. 1. Sapphire
    2. Genre: Generally fantasy/scifi but I’m trying to start writing mystery. I usually write ya sort of fiction but in a fantasy or scifi setting.
    3. Melbourne, Australia
    4. Very much a beginner – nothing to publish even.
    5. Available: preferably available over messenger and who can put up with things like, “read this sentence does it sound weird” every now and again. and who doesn’t take 3 months to reply to a message
    Honest: tell me if my work is shit, I’m pretty hard on my self usually anyway but I cant stand people who try and sugarcoat things or are just over complimentary.
    Open: Someone who wants to share their work and their ideas.
    P.S I am a teen 🙂

  73. Name: Gerald Anugoh Genre: Romance, Suspense, and Christian literature Country: Nigeria Three most important qualities I am looking in a buddy: Honesty, commitment, and good understanding of American English Contact me:

  74. Name: Alicia
    Genre: YA fiction – but i love most genres.
    Country: Australia
    Experience: I have attempted writing books but have lacked the motivation and/or support to follow through with them. I am a teen but I have been trying for a few years.
    Buddy: Someone who is honest with my work, who doesn’t mind short questions like ‘does this sound right’ and who checks their email on a regular basis

  75. Name: Stories Gallore (Pen Name)
    Genre: Romance, Tragedy, Sc-Fi, Fantasy
    Country: Pennsylvania
    Publish: Looking to publish, but haven’t yet
    Qualities: Being a young writer, I understand that I may be an amateur, but I’m looking for someone who is interested in going over my work, and seeing what it is that I need to work on, and what I could keep. Someone who I can work with every week, having small sessions, if you will, where we share each other’s work, and critique what we think is good. Also, if you would like to do a collab, I wouldn’t mind that either. I’m more into Romance, to be honest, and wish to complete something for once, far as my writings. I have too many unfinished projects that I could either get rid of, or let sit in the dust for now.
    Contact: Email (always).

  76. Name – Jeanette
    Genre – biography, women’s fiction, YA
    live in Queensland, Australia
    lots of short and longer works published including Jodie’s Story, Mirage, Lantern Light

    Looking for someone to give honest crit as I seek to improve my work and keep up to date with style. Happy to give input honestly.

  77. Your name – Sade Rena
    Genre you write in; Urban Fiction, YA/NA paranormal/supernatural, romance, drama, or anything else that may come to mind. I want to try my hand at erotica
    Country or State: Maryland, USA

    I have currently two self-published books in the Urban Fiction genre. While in middle school, several years ago, I wrote several poems for the school’s magazine.

    I am at the beginning stages of plotting a NA paranormal fantasy novel. Actually, I have the hardest time classify whether is fantasy or not. I am also plotting a dramatic romance novella with a slightly erotic twist. I am looking for someone who is willing to read and give feedback on different aspects, be it plot holes or the tone, anything that makes a story great. I need someone willing to be honest, yet not rude. Please keep in mind that I am a part-time college student who works full time while caring for my great-grandpa. I may not be as fast as you’d like in the feedback department, but I answer my emails within minutes. If you are willing to break the story into piece, then we can work together help make both our project prosper.

  78. Name: Joakim
    Genre: Fantasy
    Country: Denmark

    I have only recently taken up writing and would love someone to spar with. The story I am working on is still on its infant stage, but I have an overall idea of where it is heading.
    I am looking for someone who I can share my thoughts and ideas with. Perhaps someone who is working on a project of their own and might need the same thing as I.
    All in all, I am looking for someone that wishes to share the journey of storytelling.

    My e-mail is:
    I hope to hear from you.

  79. Your name – Anthony I.
    Genre you write in; Fantasy
    Country or state you live in; England
    Two or three previous publishing credits if any; n/a unfortunately : (
    List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy; honest, harsh, analytical
    Give details of how you can be contacted – email, Facebook or twitter – with this email, please 🙂

    Hope to hear from you soon! From, Anthony
    We give feedback to each other’s work. I prefer line by line. Like, you read my story on Google docs and comment on whatever you feel is weird and bad or hopefully awesome so that I can improve my writing and I’ll read what you want to

  80. – Eric
    2.Genre you write in: Multiple
    3.Country or state you live in: Georgia
    4.Two or three previous publishing credits if any: none
    5. List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy; serious, collaborative, analytical
    6. Give details of how you can be contacted –

  81. Your name: Brian Byrne
    Genre you write in: Fiction – Coming of age
    Country or state you live in: Florida
    Two or three previous publishing credits if any: Nothing
    List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy: honest, blunt, and encouraging
    Give details of how you can be contacted: Email: (Email me for my number)

    Hey guys I really need help with my flow and how to prolong it with out it sounding boring.

  82. Your name – Dylan Rutland, 19

    Genre you write in – Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Action, Suspense, and Mustery (mixture)

    Country or state you live in – Mississippi

    Two or three previous publishing credits if any – none

    List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy – good at developing characters, transitions to different scenes, and writing action.

    Give details of how you can be contacted –

  83. Name: Just call me Cyba

    Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, YA

    Country: USA

    Two or three previous publishing credits: None

    List three important qualities: Honesty, motivating each other, inspiring each other

    How I can be contacted: Twitter: @cyborkna – Email:

  84. Name: Charlie
    Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction
    Country: Georgia, USA
    Previous publishing credits: none
    list three important qualities: Honesty, someone who understands that I have a life outside of writing. school comes before personal writing, and someone who I can be motivated by and to motivate
    contact: @ckpryor00 for twitter,

  85. Your name: Alex Mazzucco

    Genre you write in: Fantasy

    Country or state you live in: Argentina

    Two or three previous publishing credits: none

    List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy: Honesty, odd hours of contact and motivating each other.


  86. Name: Willow Deane, 18

    Genre: Young Adult, historical fiction, high fantasy/regular fantasy, romance

    State/Country: Washington State, USA

    Previous publishing credits: nothing published, but my work can be found on wattpad

    Three important qualities: honesty (brutal honesty if necessary), keeping each other accountable and motivated, brainstorming buddy (able to talk through ideas with someone and have their help suggesting things for my writing)

    Contact info: wattpad–WillowDeane, email–willowdeane122

  87. Name: theangrybookworm

    Genre I write in: drama/contempary fic/psychological-drama

    Country I live in: UK

    Publishing credits: None. But written for 2 years and completed novels and novellas.

    Three Qualities I look for: honesty, critical and friendly.

    You can contact me by visiting my contact form on my WordPress blog. 😉

    Thanks, and looking forward to finding a writing buddy! 🙂

  88. My name is Meagan
    I like to write in sci-fantasy and a little bit of horror
    I live in Arizona in the USA
    I don’t have anything published yet
     I want someone who is nice but won’t hold back from editing my work, someone who is understanding and looks into other people’s point of view, and someone who will give me their honest opinion.
    you can contact me at

  89. Your name: Boomie
    Genre you write in: Poetry
    Country or state you live in: Illinois
    Two or three previous publishing credits if any: Not published
    List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy: Interested in writing collaborations, consistent, interested in exploring different forms.
    Give details of how you can be contacted:

  90. Your name – Fox
    Genre you write in; Fiction in gerenal
    Country or state you live in; Colorado, United States
    Two or three previous publishing credits if any; I don’t have anything published
    List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy; Brutally honest (no sugar coated), Can help give some ideas, Can bare bad grammer when looking over things at first
    Give details of how you can be contacted –

  91. Your name: Santisha
    Genre you write in; nonfiction and poetry mainly but not limited
    Country or state you live in; Virginia
    Two or three previous publishing credits if any; None
    List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy; 1) accountability partner. 2)honest. 3) encouraging when it comes to producing work
    Give details of how you can be contacted – email, Facebook or twitter.

  92. Name: Marc Stansberry
    Genre: Adult – Supernatural/ Religious
    Country: Alabama, US
    Publishing Credits: None 😦
    Qualities Sought: 1) Possesses the time to exchange dialogue on a regular basis (at least weekly) 2) Brutal honesty of flaws/ weaknesses 3) I don’t really mean #2, tell me you love me. (Kidding, couldn’t think of 3)
    Contact me:

    I am willing to commit to review your work seriously if you will do likewise.

  93. 1.Name: James Burke
    2.Genre: Comedy
    3.City: Charlotte, NC
    4.Publishing credits: None
    5.Qualities: looking for a funny, easy going, stand up comedian, Improv actor or comedy writer.

  94. 1. Jill
    2. Genre: children’s fiction (quirky)
    3. from Australia
    4. publishing credits: numerous fiction and non-fiction publications for children over a 16 year period
    5. Qualities in a writing buddy: preferably another experienced published children’s writer. The ideal partnership for me is where we help prod each other along and share progress reports as well as feedback on individual chapters, plot lines etc. I’m currently working on a mid-grade novel (aiming for 40,000 words).

  95. Pen Name: KikyoHatake

    Country: Mississippi, USA (originally from Michigan)

    Genre: YA, Contemporary Romance, New Adult, etc

    Previous Published Credits: None (may submit a short story if I have time)

    3 Qualities: Honest Critique’s, friendly, trustworthy…I’m looking for a buddy encourage and keep each other accountable. I’m currently working on a novel at the moment.


    Note: I’m in college (graduating May 2017) so I can get busy at times but I’ll let you know about that.

  96. 1. Name: amit
    2. Genre: Sci-fi, Therotical physics, Neuroscience
    3. Country:India
    4. Nothing yet, still writing on the story I want to see published one day
    5.Someone who can share his/her thought. Someone who is writing his/her own story, so we can motivate each other and share our journey
    6. Email:

  97. I am looking for a someone who writes fantasy or sci-fi novels. I won’t read stories with a ton of sex but some is okay, as long as it’s a subplot rather than the main point of the story. I have written a world builder fantasy novel but do not yet feel it is ready for Amazon. No doubt (I hope) it is better than much of what you find there but I still need a buddy to trade criticism with before I’ll be happy. Contact me at
    With highest hopes,
    Christian Knickerbocker

  98. Name – Sachin Kumbhar

    Genre — Fiction, Historical, Mythological

    Country — Pune, Maharashtra, India

    Publishing credits — None, sorry

    List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy — Passion for writing & nothing fancy. Would help if native English speakers but don’t mind if not.

    Contact –; @lovelysac

  99. Your name – Mae Buehler

    Genre: Young Adult; fantasy, supernatural, and paranormal romance.

    Country or state you live in: New Jersey, United States

    Two or three previous publishing credits if any: None

    List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy: We need to have respect for each other. I like to know when people leave and when they’ll be back. We need to work together and be flexible. We should read over each chapter at a time wen it’s finished and make sure it’s edited.

    If you want to contact me my wattpad is (shadowyamibakura21) and my skype is (shadowwolfangel1).

  100. Name: Emma Isaac

    Genres: YA for ages 15-19 (I write YA/NA fiction in the genres of paranormal, space opera, dystopian, horror, fantasy, and all are tossed together with a good dose of romance.)

    Writing Place: Houston, Texas

    Previous Published Credits: International Library of Poetry. Currently working on a 90,000 word novel and may submit short stories for publication. You can see some of my work at

    Qualities: I’m looking for a writing accountability partner who is committed and working to complete novel(s) for older teens. I need to be partnered with a native English speaker who has a good sense of the written language and is goal oriented.

    Since this happened to me in the past, I need to mention that I will not edit, proofread, or revise your work for you. I will never expect you to do any of my hard work either. If the issues are minor proofreading mistakes/typos, of course, I’ll help, but I cannot teach you how to write a sentence or paragraph. My novel is in the process of revision and I have a lot of work to do already.

    It’d be beneficial to discuss our progress (by phone, email, skype, FaceTime, etc.) at least once a week so we can encourage one another to reach our goals/deadlines and celebrate achievements. I’d like to swap chapters and give each other weekly feedback on our works in progress while remaining open to good solid critiques. I’m a loving person who doesn’t want to hurt feelings, however I can give good constructive criticism and would enjoy the same treatment from my buddy.


    Note: I’m 35 and have a family of six. I write during the week. My weekends are full so my correspondence will best take place during the weekdays between 8 to 2 central time. Oh, and if you are my future buddy I’m sorry for being so technical. It’s sad to say, but I feel I have to be detailed and blunt because I’ve had to cut ties with buddies in the past who have put me through the ringer. And, for me, cutting ties is never easy.

  101. Name: Vivian

    Genre: women’s fiction (with LGBT characters)

    Country: USA

    Published: Not yet.

    Important Qualities: Hi everyone, I’m looking for a writing/publishing buddy. I’m working on heavy revisions for my novel and plan to do some rewrites in a couple of months.

    I have a serious goal of self publishing my novel this year (in June hopefully). I’m hoping to find a writing buddy who is actually more of a publishing buddy. It would be nice to meet someone who plans to publish their novel around the same time so we can go through the self publishing milestones at the same time.

    I have a lot of things already planned out; things like who will distribute the book and who will design the cover and some other details. I’m hoping to meet someone who is very to close to publishing (like I am) 🙂

    I hope to find someone around my age (late twenties or thirties). Feel free to email me at I look forward to hearing from you.

  102. Name: Adam
    Genre: Non Fiction
    Country: Canada Ontario Toronto
    Published: None
    Important Qualities: Female, alive, speaks/writes in English, able to meet in person, preferably living in Greater Toronto Area.

    I’m looking for an accountability buddy. Not a critic. I’m rewriting for the fifth time my second book. Need someone to keep reminding me to write instead of planning what to write.

  103. Name: Dean
    Age: 22 (23 this year)

    Country to county: UK, England, Kent

    Genres (Only fiction): Sci-fi, mystery, action, horror, not sure about thriller, romance, drama and comedy to some existent.

    Age of audience: Between late teen and adult.

    Publishing: None

    General number of pages I aim to put into a book: 120 or more.

    How many books I’m currently and plan to work on: Over 25

    Note: Encase you give up reading this half way through because at first I sound like some one just looking for a proof reader and not expect anything back from me finish reading this before you judge that.

    I’ve been looking for a co-writer for a couple years now asking from person to person for help of which keep telling me to show a publisher and/or editor which I hear cost a bomb. Personally I prefer to look for a co-writer or partner however you wish to look at the type of skills for my dream partner to have.

    What I’d happily do for co-writer:
    1) I have lots of imagination so if you’re working on a story that you’re having trouble with writers blocks to try counter them I think I can help.
    2) I can help organise story plots the ways I do it.
    3) Possibly help with expressing.
    4) Teach what I do know about writing.

    What I believe I struggle with in my stories:
    1) Have no idea if I’m describing enough or too much in various areas.
    2) Struggle with comma use.
    3) Keeping the reader interested to want to read more.
    4) Bad research skills to some existent.
    5) Accidently over look misspelt words.
    6) Like any writer out there I have a quite a few writers blocks.
    I believe there’s more problems that I am unable to see and that’s the main reason I’m looking for some one.

    What I expect from co-writer if possible:
    1) Can proof read my stories.
    2) Help reconstruct them to become publisher worthy [Basically make my stories make sense].
    3) Can research.
    4) Teach or give advice/tips along the way on how to be writer.
    5) Meet up and work personally if possible. [Discuss how to meet up via E-mail]

    What we are to expect of each other:
    1) Obviously no stealing each other’s ideas without permission.
    2) If either of us successfully publish and get good profit simply split 50-50 as long as we reach each others expectations fairly.
    3) Respective criticism.
    4) Any further terms can be discussed via e-mail or personally if you wish to meet.

    My contact is below this paragraph if you’re going to send a message please be respectable as I will be to you [I’ve had enough of people who don’t take me seriously]. I’m fine with questions and I do apologize if I don’t get back right away. If you can’t recommend yourself to fill expectation, if there’s someone you know of that might please let show them this message. Otherwise thanks for reading this post. (:

    My contact:

  104. Name: Brandyn
    Genre: YA/Adult sci-fi(space opear/western, urban sci-fi, etc.), fantasy
    State: Tennessee
    Qualities I’m looking for: I’m looking for someone to bounce ideas off of, converse about writing topics and story mechanics. I’d also appreciate a critique here and there when I finish chapters and so forth. I’m working on a couple of projects right now(writing one, world building on a much larger one). I don’t have any friends I feel are interested enough to discuss things with, and I can get pretty chatty and excited when I come up with new concepts and characters. I’m also a good listener and motivator if you need one. I’d prefer a writer buddy who is laid back, easy to get a long with, a fan of these genres I write in, and not afraid to light a fire under me to keep me motivated. Also honesty is integral to this.

    Contact: If you’d like to get in touch with me, feel free to email me

  105. Hey. I am a frickin nerd that loves writing but needs a writing buddy. .
    1. Amanda is my name
    2.I live in the USA,
    3 .I write whatever Genre my idea is in, usually fantasy,
    4.Qualities I am looking for : A friendly person that will put up with my weirdness, kindly CRITIQUE my work, and motivate me to write.
    Email me at:

  106. 1. Tom Heeren
    2. Historical fiction, plays, essays, poetry, children’s picture books, short fiction for adults and teenagers and young adult novels
    3. Kansas
    4. The Big and Small of Us All (“A Wonderful Lesson of Easter”), a collection of short fiction written by Kansas authors
    5. Honesty, a critical eye for writing and frank encouragement
    6. Contact me at

  107. Odessa
    Urban fantasy with a strong base in ancient mythology
    USA, Texas
    Nothing published
    Honesty (please, don’t be gentle), not squeamish about sex (it’s not like my story is one big sex parade or anything, but I don’t shy away from it either), plot work (I’ve got grammar and voice pretty much down, but someone to talk the actual story itself with would help immensely)
    I’d love to read your story and talk to you about it, and I’m not here to just take and not reciprocate. Research and nitty gritty details are friends of mine. I like to play around with writing in different voices to suit the feel of the scene. Been writing a long time, but I don’t care if you have or haven’t. I want a friend more than an editor, a writer to talk to and work things out with. I can be gentle with criticism if you want, but I won’t hold back in pointing things out. The only way we get better is to realize our mistakes, after all.

  108. Nicole
    I’m looking for someone to keep me motivated, to bounce ideas off of, and will keep in contact with me. Mostly, someone who can help me sort chaos
    Kik: Striveforgreatness09

  109. Nicole, Indonesia (but I speak English), 16 years old.
    YA Romance, Historical Fiction + learning to write Fantasy
    Not published yet

    I would love someone who can tell me the honest truth about my writing and I will also be honest about your piece. Someone who can motivates me, easy to talk to about some ideas (preferably if you write the same genre), and easy to keep in contact with. Also someone who can spot my grammatical errors in my writing.


  110. 1. Name – Adam Stevenson

    2. Genre you write in Poetry, short fiction, Action-noir science fiction.

    3. Country or state you live in — Glasgow Scotland UK

    4. Never been published.

    5. List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy —

    #1. Patience I am a total newbie at this I will need support and encouragement.

    #2. I’m looking for someone who is honest, but thoughtful in their criticism an that i can chat with over email or text for hours.

    #3. I’m looking for someone with a good sense of humor, even a bit on the dark side and a bit eccentric.

    6. Email:

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