Today I worked with two great groups of grade five and six students from Braemar College in sessions on making book trailers. The idea behind the sessions was that they would be able to use this knowledge to create their own trailers for a competition during Book Week.

The computer side of things was never going to be an issue. Clearly they all knew a lot more about technology than me – giving me gentle instructions on how to move the screen forward and tolerantly ignoring the ringing of my mobile phone which refused to turn off even when I pressed the ‘off’ button.

Many of them already had books in mind to make trailers of; others had their own stories to tell on screen.

It was inspirational listening to these young creators talk about how they would take the photos, make videos, draw pictures, play their own music and put it all together to make their mini movies about the book or story they had chosen.

We talked about making the plan and writing the script so that their trailer would tell the story it was supposed to. We covered issues of copyright and how students could protect their own work.

It was fantastic to see their obvious interest in making the trailers and their willingness to explore their own creativity.

The first book trailer I ever made for Letters to Leonardo was just a bit of family fun but I’ve often wondered whether book trailers really work.

I still don’t have the definitive answer to that. All I know is that almost every kid at today’s session said they would read my book after seeing the trailer.

Thanks to the students and their teachers for being so involved and asking such great questions.

Happy book trailer making