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Last week I talked about one of the downsides of being an author, the waiting. But today I wanted to talk about the up side, celebrating the successes.

And it doesn’t matter whether it’s your success or not. It can be just as much fun being at a book launch for a writer or illustrator friend. Publishing successes are meant to be shared.

Last weekend, I launched Claire Saxby and Christina Booth’s new picture book, The Carrum Sailing Club.

Author, Claire Saxby and me

It was so exciting for me to launch this wonderful book into the world of children’s literature. But it also had personal significance. By coincidence, I spent my early childhood in Carrum, and walked across the ‘troll bridge’, played in the sand and watched the boats, just like Claire and Christina depicted in their book.

It was also great to be at a launch where both author and illustrator were present. It’s not often that you get both sides of the story, particularly when the creators come from different states and there’s an ocean between them.

There really is nothing quite like a book launch to remind you why you love books and being involved in their creation.

When I looked at the evocative, playful language Claire had used and Christina’s beach scenes I was transported back to that wonderful time when I was a carefree kid at the beach again – before I grew up and started worrying about things like world peace, the environment…and whether my manuscript would land on the right editor or agent’s desk.

That’s what a good book does, it draws you into its world and reminds you that anything can happen in your imagination.

The Carrum Sailing Club

If you’re feeling a bit despondent about your own work, why not go to someone else’s launch and help them celebrate their success…enjoy the fact that great books are being published, and remind yourself that publishing success is possible with a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck.

And no matter how large or small your success, celebrate what you’ve achieved. You’ve worked hard. You’ve earned it.

Illustrator, Christina Booth

Stay focussed and positive. You never know, the next book launch (or even the one after) could be yours.

Good luck:)




  1. Book launches are wonderful- great to see you there too Dee and had a weekend of launches when I went to Glenda Millard’s the next day in Maldon- chatting is a special time too- thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Dee. It was lovely that you were able to launch it! The only downside of launches for me is that there’s never enough time to talk to people. But it is lovely to share the fun and excitement of a release with people who understand about the waiting.

  3. What an extremely positive and festive post! Great launch food suggestion for anyone with a book with a sea theme too.

    It is good to share in the success of writerly friends.

  4. Lovely positive advice, Dee!
    So, everyone, go forth and be merry – support your writerly friends and one day they’ll celebrate with you, because that’s what we do in this topsy-turvy world of writing books for the young. 🙂

  5. Beautiful illustrations from Christina! Almost as beautiful as her happy smile! Thanks for sharing the good stuff with us, Dee. Keeps us all chugging forward! 🙂

  6. Thanks, Claire,

    it was an honour to launch yours and Christina’s beautiful book. You’re right though, book launches are a bit like weddings in that way aren’t they?

    May your new book sail into many new homes and bookshops.

    Dee x

  7. Inspirational, humble and potent advice Dee. Thank you and thank you Claire and Christina for setting sail another beautiful pb to cherish. I can almost feel the warm wind on my cheeks. You’ve made this ex grotty yachtie and aspiring children’s author very happy; all of you.

  8. Thanks Dee for this WONDERFUL post. I just loved reading about you and your friend. The book looks beautiful. I’ll go see if I can find it on Amazon. Wise words, my friend. I could hear your voice when I read them:) keep up the AMAZING blog!

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