Toppling, the new illustrated verse novel from Sally Murphy tackles some big issues, but handles the difficult content with gentleness and humour.

John is a normal boy with a strong friendship group, and a slightly unusual fascination for Dominos.

John’s world is shaken by fear and uncertainty when his best friend, Dominic is diagnosed with cancer. Suddenly, adults are keeping things from him, and his best friend seems to have disappeared.

Author, Sally Murphy handles this difficult issue of childhood cancer with hope and sensitivity.

Toppling is  wonderfully illustrated, and despite the pared down format, Sally manages to set vivid and powerful scenes.

She establishes strong characters; each with a clear voice and a story of their own.

Toppling is a beautiful book that will have you laughing and crying; possibly at the same time. It’s a story of loyalty and friendship, delightfully illustrated by the very talented Rhian Nest James

Another great read for 8-12yo from the author of the award-winning Pearl Verses the World.

Toppling was released by Walker Books Australia this month (March 2010).

ISBN: 9781921529429

Congratulations Sally and Rhian on a your new book.