Following my blog piece about Point of View on 19th January  a number of people had questions about head hopping and choosing point of view.

It seemed like another blog post was definitely needed.

Mabel wanted to know,

Is it OK to have MC point of view told in the third person?

The answer to that Mabel is a definite, “Yes”. Choosing which point of view to tell your character’s story from is entirely up to you.

This is the last day of my Tuesday Writing Tips Blog Tour, so Mabel if you join us at the blog of Author and illustrator, Angela Sunde, you’ll find out a whole lot more about point of view.

Angela writes kid’s books and is also an extremely talented illustrator. I couldn’t resist showing you her wonderful illustration of Chee Chee the chook. Here it is.

Angela came third in illustrated picture book and the graphic novel category in the 2009 CYA competition for her gorgeous pics of Chee Chee and Mia.

Tuesday Writing Tips continues as normal next week at this blog where  we’ll be discussing Good Writing Habits. Hope you can join us then.

In the meantime, if you’ve missed any of the Tuesday Writing Tips Blog Tour, here’s where we’ve been:


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Tuesday Writing Tip – MORE ABOUT POINT OF VIEW

Talented author and illustrator, Angela Sunde

Tomorrow we’re going ‘in depth’ on point of view. It’s the last day of the Tuesday Writing Tips blog tour, and it’s going to be “big”.

I’ll be visiting talented author and illustrator, Angela Sunde to discuss the complexities of Point of View, and answer some ‘reader’ questions.

What are the various types and how do you choose which one for your story? And then there’s the vexed question of ‘head hopping’.

To find out more, drop back here tomorrow.

See you then.

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I had such a wonderful time visiting Claire Saxby at today. Claire had some great advice for picture books writers.

Here’s her final tip:

Keep description to a bare, bare minimum. Include only descriptive details that absolutely have to be there. eg if the plot happens in a backyard, let the illustrator imagine it.

Next week, Claire is coming here to to talk more about picture writing and her new picture book, There Was an Old Sailor, which was released by Walker Books on 1st February.

Hope you can join us then.

In the meantime, happy writing!