A JOURNEY WITH WITH MATT and ME – Letters to Leonardo is Going on a Blog Tour

letterstoleonardolrgI can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about the impending release of Letters to Leonardo on 1st July, 2009 (Less than 40 sleeps away). Which might seem a lot but seeing as this book has taken more than ten years to write, it’s really quite soon.

And my blog tour through Cyberspace starts in just over a month. Matt Hudson (who tells his story in Letters to Leonardo) and me are visiting fantastic blogs every day for about two weeks starting on the 24th June.

Here’s what’s happening:


24/6    A review by Sally Murphy http://sallymurphy.blogspot.com

25/6    Interview with Sally Odgers http://spinningpearls.blogspot.com

26/6    Discussion with The Book Chook http://thebookchook.blogspot.com 

We’re going to be talking about why language and art are important in Letters to Leonardo.

27/6    Mabel Kaplan  http://belka3.blogspot.com

All about the research process.

28/6    We love YA http://weloveya.wordpress.com

I can’t wait to guest blog at We love YA. What a great blog for ‘Lovers of YA’. I’m going to be around all day chatting with Vanessa Barneveld and answering questions.

29/6    Dale Harcombe http://livejournal.com/users/orangedale

Author Dale Harcombe and I will be talking about the process involved in writing Letters to Leonardo.

30/6    Claire Saxby http://letshavewords.blogspot.com

Claire is going to share the reasons why I chose Leonardo da Vinci as Matt’s mentor – and why YA novels need a mentor.

1/7    Robyn Opie’s Blog  http://robynopie.blogspot.com

A hugely, massively, amazingly exciting day for Matt and me (sorry, I know that’s an awful lot of adverbs, but I really need to convey how momentous this occasion is.)  LETTERS TO LEONARDO COMES OUT TODAY – 1st July. And it’s also our first official launch. It’s a Cyber Launch so everyone’s welcome (more about that later).

On this special day, I’m going to cross to Robyn Opie’s blog http://robynopie.blogspot.com and she’ll be posting a piece about where Matt and other characters and ideas came from – and the hurdles overcome on the very long and winding road to publication.

2/7    Persnickety Snark http://persnicketysnark.blogspot.com

Lovers of YA will also be familiar with Adele’s great blog. I’m going to talk with her about how my life paralleled Matt’s – and how the more I discovered about Leonardo da Vinci, the more obsessed I became with him.

3/7    Brenton Cullen http://bjcullen.blogspot.com

Talented and very enterprising young writer, Brenton Cullen is going to chat with me about what it’s like to work with a publisher and what’s involved in the editing process.

P.S. Working with Walker Books Australia and my wonderful editor, Sue has been an inspiring, amazing (sorry there’s that word again)learning experience.

4/7    Sandy Fussell http://sandyfussell.blogspot.com

I’m afraid Matt is a little shy of publicity, but he’s agreed to appear on Sandy’s blog to talk about himself and his life. This is a once only opportunity to meet Matt in Cyber person.

5/7    Teachers Writing Helper Blog (That’s another one of mine)http://teacherswritinghelper.wordpress.com

I’m going to be talking about themes in the book – and suggesting some fun class writing activities.

6/7    Tips 4 Young Writers Blog (My blog too) http://tips4youngwriters.wordpress.com

I’m going to share some writing tips I learned in the process of writing Letters to Leonardo, and I’ll be talking about how I turned fact into fiction.

Hope to catch up with you on tour – somewhere in Cyberspace.