I head home in two days with lots of editing to do; editing of book one of my new YA thriller series that I started here, and editing of a YA novel I need to do for my publisher.

And that will be my priority, but I am drawn to my new idea for a book for younger children, the one inspired by the beautiful Sophie and the Roma Street Parklands.

So today, I spent two hours walking around the Roma Street Parklands taking lots of photos so that I’ll have them with me when I sit down to write.

There are so many ways in which a writer is asked to be patient. And putting off working on a new book can be one of them.

I made a commitment long ago that I would not flit from project to project, that I would get one under control before I moved on to the next. I think otherwise you run the risk of not finishing anything, and you never get your manuscripts out to  publishers.

Amazing tree roots

Still, I must say I’m very excited about my new project, but I promise to exercise self control.

Enjoyed a Korean lunch in Elizabeth Street with writerly friend, Maree, then it was back to Ann Street for more editing.

Happy writing.