Happy 2013 – A Year for Trying New Things

Taking Washing Off the line low resHappy 2013 everyone.  I hope your year is full of inspiration and wonderful creative experiences.

I’ve had a busy start to the year with a publisher deadline and moving house.

I’ve also been working on my picture book, Molly Loves to Help.

For the first time, I’m trying my hand at illustrating and it’s so much fun. I’ve just finished the roughs and now I’m working on finishing each of the illustrations.

CCI16042012_00001Working on this book is special to me in so many ways. It has taken me back to drawing, which is something I always loved at school, but could never find time for until now. It’s also special because I’m writing about my goat Molly, who has personality plus, and also happens to be my writing muse.


One of my new year’s resolutions was “less blogging, more writing”. This means I’m still going to provide writing tips here, but not every week.

Feel free to suggest writing tips topics in the ‘comments section’ of this post. I’ll also be providing tips based on the project/projects I’m working on and specific writing questions I get from people.

Thanks for supporting my blog last year.   I’m looking forward to sharing our writing worlds in 2013.

Happy writing:)


P.S. remember to share any suggestions for writing tips topics in the comments section of this blog post.


I don’t have much to report on the writing front this week, because I haven’t been doing a whole lot of writing in terms of word counts. But I have been creating.

I was deeply immersed in my YA WIP when my goat Molly bleated to me from outside my study window. She said it was time I put some effort into that  story about her. And of course, being an intelligent and perceptive goat, she was right.

Her story, Molly Loves to Help, has been brewing in my head for quite some time…and suddenly I knew just where to take it.

So that’s what I’ve been doing – writing a picture book about Molly and doing a few sketches to go with it. It might never get published, but I’m having a lot of fun working on it. It’s wonderful to be creating a book that’s not about an imaginary world and pretend characters, but about someone I love.

So I guess my tip for this week is not an original one – create what’s in your heart – and don’t worry if it sidetracks you temporarily from a project…you must follow the creative muse. The original project will still be there when you ‘get back’.

Next Tuesday, we have a special guest coming to talk about writing memoirs. And of course Friday Feedback will be here again this Friday.

In the meantime,

Happy writing and creating:)