Today, Australian author, Karen Tyrell is visiting to share her tips and experiences writing her just released memoir, ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness

1. What was the most difficult thing about writing a memoir?

Working out what was important to my story and what would drive my narrative forward.

2. How did you decide on which real-life characters to use?

In my earliest drafts, I had a cast of over fifty characters. I had to cut back to those characters who made the greatest impact on my story and recovery. I often combined two real people to become “one” character.

3. How did you know where to start and when to finish?

I started at a pivotal turning point in my story, where I hooked the reader in, enticing them to read more. I ended my story when all the conflicts were resolved and all the questions were answered.

4. Did you have any legal considerations?

My memoir surrounds the real life drama of parents harassing me, a teacher, to breaking point. I had to protect myself from being sued. I changed the names of the bullies, their descriptions and specific details of the harassment. I omitted dates and places.

5. How difficult it was to write about something so personal?

It was extremely difficult to reveal the most traumatic events. Originally, I showed these via short flashbacks. Later when I became braver, I disclosed my gradual decline and disintegration over six chapters.

Any tips on how you handled that?

I had to be comfortable with what I disclosed and only added the confronting events when I was emotionally ready. I had to ask myself, ‘Do I want the world to know this detail?’


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