Lucas And Jack & Writing Tips with Ellie Royce

Ellie Royce has been telling stories her whole life. This resulted in some problems in her early days, notably at age five when she told her grandmother she had flown around the world on a broom.

Eventually Ellie learned to use her powers for good instead of evil and the result is a passion for writing books and sharing stories of all kinds.

Ellie RoyceEllie is the author of two books for teens, Letterbook One – Amy’s Secret and Letterbook Two – Passion for Fashion.

Lucas and Jack is her first picture book.

Ellie lives in Northern NSW with a little dog, a big dog, a second hand cat and her human family.


1. Write. Don’t wait “Till ……”  just write.
2. Write what you love.
3. Be flexible. There is more than one way to tell a story. If one way doesn’t work, try a different way!
4. Sometimes we run out of steam. When this happens, do what you need to fill the well, inspire yourself and feed your soul; walk outside, read,whatever it may be.
5. Then…..write!


Every week Lucas’s mum visits Great Grandpop at the nursing home.

And every week, Lucas waits for her outside.

Waiting is boring! Until Lucas meets Jack.

lucasAndJackLucas and Jack is a sensitive story about bridging the cap between generations.

I love the way that Lucas changes during the course of the story from a boy who is bored with visiting ‘old people’ to someone who can sees them not just as ‘old’, but as people with their own feelings and stories to tell – people who were young once and did things that Lucas can relate to.

There is a strong message in this story that is passed down to the reader in a gentle and inspiring way without them feeling like they are being ‘told’ what to think or they are being talked down to.

As well as revisiting the past through Jack’s eyes, Lucas is also able to find a way to connect with his Pop on a whole new level.

I love the authenticity of the characters in this book, and the way they become even more real for the reader through Andrew McLean’s wonderful illustrations.

There is so much emotion and life in his beautiful pictures.

Lucas and Jack is a wonderful book for families to share. It would also be a great introduction to living history in the classroom.

Lucas and Jack is written by Ellie Royce, illustrated by Andrew McLean and published by Working Title Press.

Teacher’s notes are available here.