Elephants Have Wings

Elephants Have Wings is a stunning picture book written by Susanne Gervay and illustrated by Anna Pignataro representing the search for peace.

ELEPHANTS-HAVE-WINGS-COVER-jPG-1170x520It’s the story of two children who embark on an extraordinary journey on the wings of a mystical white elephant, as they search for the humanity in all of us.

This story is inspired by the parable of the blind man and the elephant found in Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sufism and modern philosophy.

pic-elephant-800-x-3801Each page in this book is an exquisite work of art – a true harmony of text and illustration.

The parts of the elephant are the parts of the truth and the tree of life is beautifully depicted in Anna’s detailed illustrations..

I love the colour and vibrance of this book, the movement and the melding of all elements.

“The air dances with elephant wings, flying with tails whirling, legs outstretched, ivory shining.

Ears swaying in a towering wall as we soar
over snowy mountain peaks.

There are so many layers in this book that I can see it having appeal to readers of any age.

Elephants are revered in religion and respected for their prowess in war. Ever since the stone age, there have been images of elephants in art and mythology surrounding them. For many cultures they symbolise courage, hope, endurance, wisdom.

Elephants-children-with-elephant-partsElephants Have Wings crosses all borders, and has relevance anywhere in the world today.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 5.22.25 pmIt’s no wonder this book has been endorsed by the Blake Prize for art and poetry.

The Blake Prize is named after the legendary British artist and poet William Blake (1757-1827). Established by Jesuit priest, Michael Scott and a Jewish artist, Richard Morley to create significant works of spiritual art in 1951 in the search for understanding and peace. The Blake Poetry Prize was added in 2008.

Full of motifs, symbols, pictures and texts that represent diversity and our universe, Elephants Have Wings provides so much to think and talk about in the classroom.

Elephants Have Wings is published by Ford Street Publishing. Find out more about this ‘peace book for our time’ at author Susanne Gervay’s website.

Comprehensive teacher’s notes are available here.