Coming back from Covid

It has been a really long time since I posted here. So much has happened in the last twelve or so months (both good and bad) and it has often been hard to find the words.

We will all be forever changed by Covid, but I still hang onto that hope that I felt in the early days of the pandemic – that with fewer cars on the road, and the reduction in other environmentally damaging activities, our world would get a chance to breathe.

Hope is what keeps us going as writers – it’s what keeps our characters moving forward against all odds.

Covid has been devastating to the arts, but it has given writers like me time out to create, and I have been buoyed by the kindness and generosity of the amazing writing community – the support of amazing readers, writers, podcasters and reviewers who have worked to get our books onto bookshelves around the country and the world.

Human kindness and the care that people have given each other during this difficult time has helped me feel optimistic about our world, even when there is still so much that needs to be fixed – that we need to do to save our environment – to protect the rights of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Our words make a difference – our words of empathy and kindness – our words of wisdom, knowledge and experience – our words that show we care – our words that alert people to what’s going on in the world around them.

So even if you’ve received rejections recently or you’re struggling with writer’s block or submission nerves right now, know that your words matter – that what you write could change someone’s life one day.

Stay safe and keep writing.



I take my hat off to so many things in Brisbane; the great galleries, beautiful parks, clean streets and walking tracks.

One thing that has caught my eye though is the  Hats: An Anthology Exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery.

For starters I’d never heard a collection of hats referred to as an anthology – and what an amazing collection. Everything from Darth Vader’s helmet to a lace hat worn by Queen Elizabeth in 1938. It cost me nothing to get into the gallery or the exhibition and although I didn’t stop to try out this activity, there was even an area set aside for you to make your own hats.

Creativity is so subjective, and everyone is inspired/moved by different things.  I love being introduced to other art forms and admiring the talents of the creators.

I think I’m in workhorse mode at the moment, ploughing ahead to get this first draft finished. Today, I added another 5,000 words bringing the total to over 35,000.


Glen's Easter Board


I’ve just brought a very important character into the story so I can’t stop there. I have a feeling my MC and I will be chatting into the wee small hours, but it’s so much fun. We are discovering so many new things about each other – and about the people who inhabit this fascinating world we are exploring together.

More good news, the DeeScribewriting blog has now past 10,000 hits so thanks everyone for your comments and support.

Must get back to my manuscript but hope you all have a wonderful Easter.

Happy writing.



i found this interesting character waiting for a bus in Brisbane.

Today has been another big writing day, and at the end of it, I’m well on the way to 8,000 words which is great news for me because it means I’ll have something to talk about at my High Tea on Sunday.

With all the plotting and character development I did before I started, I’m happy to say that the words have been coming quite easily. I feel like I am just sitting at the computer and letting the characters speak for themselves.

Today, my main character discovered some significant information on the internet, and now it’s up to her what she does with it.

More walks around Brisbane included a visit to my favourite coffee cart to check out their words of wisdom, and I’ve enclosed a photo. I find Glen’s boards very serendipitous. Today, my character in my book was finding out about some of her sister’s secrets, and low and behold, Glen’s board was all about the spreading of secrets, lol

Don’t forget, you check out some of Glen’s other great sandwich boards at

And yes, I admit to badly missing my family, so today I sent them a postcard (even managed to find the post office) which I hope they receive before I get home:-)

Today, as I wandered around Brisbane, I also looked at some other great sculptures around the place. I love how diverse and original the sculptures are.  I love how clean and friendly and full of wonderful art and creativity Brisbane is.

Off to do more plotting.

Happy writing