Calpepper’s Place

calpepper-s-placeThere are so many things that endeared me to Trudie Trewin’s latest picture book, Calpepper’s Place.

There’s Calpepper’s name, the fact that he’s a camel, and then there’s the gorgeous scenic backdrop for his story.

But two of the things I love most about this story are the lyrical language and the way the words are perfectly complemented by Donna Gynell’s vivid illustrations.

“Calpepper had lived in the desert for all of his memories”.

This line is typical of the book’s powerful text and the illustration that goes with it will provide plenty for the reader to enjoy. It depicts Calpepper surrounded by snapshots from his life. A small desert creature gazes up at him in wonder.

We follow Calpepper as he goes ‘scrush, scrush, scrush through the hot desert sand.” We follow him on a new adventure to far away exciting places to find one that’s better than where he comes from.

As Calpepper waves goodbye from a bus crowded with all kinds of Australian creatures seeking adventure, the reader knows that this is going to be a big journey.

6134151The text rollicks along and the accompanying illustrations take the reader through various terrains and locations as Calpepper searches for that perfect place.

If you want to know whether he finds it or not, you’ll have to read the book.

There is so much to enjoy and discuss with the lively text and illustrations in Calpepper’s place.

I can imagine this being a book that kids asked to have read to them over and over again. And with each reading, they will find new things to enjoy in both the text and the illustrations

Calpepper’s Place is a beautiful book about finding your place in the world. It is published by Windy Hollow Books.

Teacher’s notes are available here.