Today I passed the 47,000 word mark. I’m definitely on the home stretch, and if everything goes according to plan, I should finish first draft tomorrow or Monday.

I also spent time thinking about the plot and whether it had the dramatic tension I needed.

I have now made notes of places where I need to raise the stakes for my main character in draft two, put her in harm’s way more, make the reader more fearful for her.

Spent more time today enjoying the more artistic sights in Brisbane including two more mosaics, and a sculpture, Plant Form, by Robert Juniper.

Brisbane is a place where you can enjoy many small moments. I was admiring the skill of a girl walking through the mall today on the thinnest, stilettos I had seen. I marvelled at the fact that she could negotiate the cracks between the brick pavers without tripping. Then I realised this person was even more skilled than I first realised. She was reading a book while she walked. It seems that the bookworm is still alive and well.

I think I just made this blog post before midnight (Queensland time) so now it’s off for some shut eye in preparation for the writing challenges of tomorrow.

"Plant Form" by Robert Juniper

Happy writing.



I can’t believe that today is DAY 20! Where have those days gone?

Apart from what I achieved today in a writing sense, I was proud of myself for resisting this ‘chocolate buffet’, specially designed to tempt chocaholics like me.

I couldn't resist these little eggs though.

I thought I’d done really well, then I got back to the hotel after my walk and there was a basket of easter eggs waiting, right at the foot of the stairs.

I’m afraid I succumbed, and took one of each colour – just in case they had a different flavour, lol.

Today I had to stop about five times because the call of the pen beckoned me. I’m finding that the inspiration keeps coming if I use a pen and paper – only problem is I have to then type it onto the computer. Oh well.

I’m not sure why hand writing it out first works for me, perhaps it’s my connection to the paper – who knows? I don’t mind where the words come from, as long as they come.

There were quite a few speedboats on the river today, but it was still beautiful walking around Brisbane.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m a great admirer of any artistic talent so I was transfixed by the Charlie Chaplain human statue in the Mall. And when I gave him money, he came to life.

Another fun day in Brisbane and another great writing day. I’m now over 40,000 words and still going. I have to say, I NEVER expected to get this much writing done. It makes me realise how easily I allow myself to get distracted at home.

'Charlie Chaplin' came to life when you gave him money.

Today was also a milestone on the creative front because I decided exactly how this book is going to end. I’d already worked out the end of book 3, but wasn’t sure where Book 1 should finish and Book 2 should start.

But I figured it was just like writing any other book. I may be wrong here, because I’ve never attempted a series before, but I figured that Book 1 should finish just after the climax ( a very exciting event where the MC’s life is at risk) and the last line of the book will let the reader know that the MC is not out of danger yet.

If I’m doing it wrong, I’d welcome suggestions from series writers.

Happy writing:-)




I take my hat off to so many things in Brisbane; the great galleries, beautiful parks, clean streets and walking tracks.

One thing that has caught my eye though is the  Hats: An Anthology Exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery.

For starters I’d never heard a collection of hats referred to as an anthology – and what an amazing collection. Everything from Darth Vader’s helmet to a lace hat worn by Queen Elizabeth in 1938. It cost me nothing to get into the gallery or the exhibition and although I didn’t stop to try out this activity, there was even an area set aside for you to make your own hats.

Creativity is so subjective, and everyone is inspired/moved by different things.  I love being introduced to other art forms and admiring the talents of the creators.

I think I’m in workhorse mode at the moment, ploughing ahead to get this first draft finished. Today, I added another 5,000 words bringing the total to over 35,000.


Glen's Easter Board


I’ve just brought a very important character into the story so I can’t stop there. I have a feeling my MC and I will be chatting into the wee small hours, but it’s so much fun. We are discovering so many new things about each other – and about the people who inhabit this fascinating world we are exploring together.

More good news, the DeeScribewriting blog has now past 10,000 hits so thanks everyone for your comments and support.

Must get back to my manuscript but hope you all have a wonderful Easter.

Happy writing.



Yesterday was a day of breakages so today was a time to fix things. My first goal was to remedy the 3,000 words short I was from yesterday.

I got up early full of inspiration, and had my best day yet; around 8030 words. I am now back on target with just over 30,000 words written since I arrived in Brisbane 18 days ago. As you can probably tell, I’m feeling very pleased with this achievement.

I havent’ done much else today except write, but I did manage to wander past Glen’s Espresso and take a photo with my new camera.

I have found that my apartment, lovely as it is, is starting to feel a bit small. As well as missing my family, I’m missing the wide open spaces of home. The unique sculpted kangaroos aren’t quite the same as the ones grazing in our front paddock.

So today, I took my notepad and pen and spent a lot of the day outdoors. I’d decided against taking the laptop because it lacked spontaneity. With a pad and paper, you can just stop and write your idea down as soon as it appears in your head.

Now that's what I call a bus stop

I found that Brisbane is great for this sort of write/walk marathon. So many places to sit and ponder. My favourites were the bus stops, but there were also plenty of concrete walls and park benches to suit my purpose.

This style of writing might not work for everyone, but it seemed to work for me. Walking is great for generating ideas – and of course in Brisbane, the weather is also well suited to this kind of activity.

I also blogged again at my new Boomerang Books Kids’ Book Capers blog. Today, I interviewed the old sailor from Claire Saxby and Cassandra Allen’s book, There Was an Old Sailor. He’s a funny fellow, that Sailor…and he eats just about anything.

After such a big writing day, I’m off to phone my boys then treat myself to a night of reading.

Happy writing.



As soon as I saw Glen’s Sandwich board, I had a feeling that I was going to be in for a difficult day.

This was the last pic taken with my camera, which then decided to utter its last gasp.

Of course, if I’m honest,  I knew things had gone awry way before then. It was actually around the time the air conditioner stopped working at my accommodation, and my restless night was explained by a room temp of 28 degrees C.

Fortunately, all these things were material and could be remedied – a new camera and a canny air con technician soon had things back on track.

And in fact, I had a lovely morning at the art gallery and the State Library and was treated to a tour of the Queensland Writers’ Centre.

I returned to my apartment to the great news that many of my writerly friends had been awarded in the 2010 CBCA Notables and Shortlistings. Congratulations to all the worthy winners. The full results can be viewed at

It was also an exciting day for me because I have been appointed the new Kid’s book blogger at Boomerang Books, and you can check out my first post at

Okay, so I haven’t reached my 5,000 word goal today, but the night is still young:-)

Glen was right, life can be a lot harder than not, but that’s what makes the successes all the more sweet.

Happy writing.



Today was a huge day for me. I got up really early and wrote 4,000 words. Being a lovely morning, I had my windows open and was treated to beautiful choral music from the church next door.

I abandoned the computer to have morning tea with my lovely niece, Emma who had travelled all the way from Byron Bay to see me.

Next on the agenda was the May Gibbs Literature Trust’s High Tea. It was a fabulous event. So many friendly faces, great food and wonderful chatter. I could go on about the fun, festivities, the venue etc, but I thought I’d let the pictures speak for themselves, so I’ve inserted them in a very disorderly manner  at the end of this post.

Thanks to the caterers, the library, the bookseller and of course to Judith Russell and her brother Murray and all the wonderful volunteers who made it such a great day.

Thanks also to my Brisbane friends and colleagues from the writing community who came along to show their support; Michael Gerard Bauer, Sheryl Gwyther, Julie Nickerson, Karen Collum and Lynn Priestley:-)

After the High Tea it was out for dinner with my good writerly friend, Julie Nickerson – a great way to finish off an amazing day.

I’m happy to report that I have now written 15,000 words, and am considering the possibility that I might get my first draft written before I leave Brisbane.

And now, after a huge day and fiddling around for ages trying to get the pics onto this post, I’m off to bed:-)

Happy writing.



fabulous food at the High Tea

I did a talk about what I've been working on

With my Brisbane writer friends

talking about complex plotting

more yummy food

And more food

The wonderful Judith Russell worked tirelessly as always to make the High Tea such a success


Mosaic art in Brisbane

I can’t believe I’ve been here two weeks already. So much has happened in such a short space of time. I’ve done 10 writing workshops with kids at the State Library of Queensland, researched and developed a lot of the background work for my series and written over 10,000 words of the first book. That’s what’s so wonderful about a May Gibbs Fellowship – no distractions, no responsibilities – just the opportunity to write.

Today as I stood in the supermarket queue, I wondered if I was getting into my psychological thriller/crime series just a little too much. When the man in front of me bought a box of chocolate, an anniversary card and a packet of rat poison, I immediately became suspicious – and my mind conjured up all sorts of scenarios about what he was going to do with the Ratsak. Fortunately he couldn’t read my mind – at least I hope he couldn’t:-)

Paddlesteamer at Eagle Street Wharf

It was a lovely day for a walk and I felt like I needed to free up my mind so I did a bit of a circuit down to Eagle Street and back along the river to the Goodwill Bridge.

There were lots of people out and about enjoying the beautiful day and of course I had to drop into the Southbank markets. I walked back along the river to the Victoria Bridge and back home. It was so much fun being out and about, and discovering more of Brisbane’s unique artworks and characters.

Maritime Museum from the Goodwill Bridge

It took me a while because I kept having to stop and sit on a park bench to write down the ideas and plot points that had popped into my head while I walked. Walking is great for getting my brain and creative juices moving as well.

Happy to report I didn’t buy any books today, which is a good thing because I just don’t know how I’m going to fit them all in my suitcase to go home again, lol.

Fortunately, I don’t need to think about that now. Tomorrow is my High Tea and then I have two more weeks of planning and writing…can’t wait.

Happy writing.