The Edge of Limits – an important book by a much loved author

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Susanne Gervay

Awarded the Lifetime Social Justice Literature Award, Order of Australia, nominated for Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, you’ll find Susanne planting 3000 mangroves in Kiribati; in Istanbul speaking to 1000s of kids about NO bullying; in remote indigenous schools bringing literacy to kids from pre-schoolers  to young adults.

Susanne Gervay’s loved books include her anti bullying I Am Jack books; YA books Butterflies (disability), Shadows of Olive Trees (feminism); picture books Elephants Have Wings (Harmony Day), The Boy in the Big Blue Glasses’ (Vision2020) and Heroes of the Secret Underground empowering kids to become warriors for justice. Her latest release, is the cutting edge YA novel The Edge of Limits.

The Edge of Limits is a stunning new YA novel from popular Australian author, S.J. Gervay.


Sam is 17 and struggling to cope after losing his beloved grandpa. He’s finding it hard but going on a school survival camp is about to take his hurt to a whole new level. Sam spent a lot of time camping with his grandpa and being out in the wilderness without him just heightens his feelings of loss.

He faces some incredible physical challenges, but it’s the emotional ones that are the toughest. It’s not just his own loss he has to face. He keeps remembering a shocking incident he witnessed at a recent Rave and the perpetrator, Watts, is throwing his weight around on the survival camp. Sam is haunted by the fact that he didn’t say or do anything at the time of the incident.

But perhaps it’s not too late to speak out, to make Watts accountable for his actions.

On the survival camp, Sam learns the importance of mateship, acceptance and truth, that he’s braver than he realises and that he has skills he didn’t know he had.

This is an important story about sexual consent and the power that men have to bring other men to account for acts of violence and abuse.

Set against an evocative backdrop, S J Gervay takes us thoroughly into Sam’s world and the vividly described setting is truly another character in the story.  It provides an ideal backdrop for the themes of toxic masculinity and the power of physical challenges to help emotional development.

We follow Sam’s journey from a lost and confused teen into a more confident young man with a greater understanding of himself and his place in the world.

The Edge of Limits is a perfect blend of action and emotion – physical and emotional conflict.  

Once you pick up The Edge of Limits , you won’t be able to put it down.

Highly recommended for young adult readers. A great book for discussing these important issues both in the classroom and the home.


In her acknowledgements, S J Gervay talks about the journey of this book. It will help the reader understand why it’s so authentic.

I thank the generosity of my son and daughter for giving me the authenticity and understandings to write The Edge of Limits .

The Edge of Limits is a brave journey into consent. One that I could not have done, without my son’s insights and honesty. I ‘sucked’ out his young adult brain and his stories of mateship, partying, parental expectations, betrayals, love and relationships with girls. I learnt to rock climb, badly. Put up a tent, not too badly. Climb to the top of a mountain and contemplate who we are. He sent me on a pathway that unlocked the great issues of courage, power, peer group pressure and love.We all want love, but how to get there? I am glad my son has found his true love now, but what a rugged ride.

I also could not have gone on this journey without my daughter, who shared her stories and observations with insights and honesty.The stories of girlfriends, family, dating, love, coercive control, assault, rejection and that devastating impact on self-esteem. Then there is consent.What is it?

S J Gervay

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