The Book of Wondrous Possibilities by Deborah Abela


Deborah Abela is the internationally published and awarded author of 28 books including her cranky climate change trilogy, Grimsdon, New City and Final Storm. Her family’s survival in WW2 and migration to Australia inspired Teresa A New Australian. The Stupendously Spectacular Spelling Bee and The Most Marvellous Spelling Bee Mystery was inspired by her fantabulous grade 4 teacher, Ms Gray. She’s also written picture books, Wolfie, An Unlikely Hero and the 2021 CBCA Notable, Bear in Space.

The Book of Wondrous Possibilities is her love letter to books, booksellers and reading.


The Book of Wondrous Possibilities is the latest book from award-winning author, Deborah Abela, and delivers everything that the title promises.

It’s a charming story set in a world where all books are special, but one in particular has the power to do wondrous things.

For those who love adventure, there’s plenty of that too, and in fact,The Book of Wondrous Possibilities moves along at a rollicking pace.

‘Arlo lives with his uncle in a run-down flat above their bookshop. His only friend is his pet mouse, Herbert.

But when a girl called Lisette bursts in and begs him to hide her from a murderer, Arlo’s life changes forever.’

Arlo’s life has already been changed by the loss of his mother, a year earlier in a suspicious accident, and Lisette is just the person he needs to help him face the world again.

Arlo’s adventure starts when Lisette delivers him a parcel and inside is a book, a present from his mother.

It’s no ordinary book and contains a story that Arlo’s mother has written about him in which he does seemingly impossible things. This remarkable book is called a grimoire and when you read it with special glasses, the illustrations come to life and incredible things happen.

Arlo can’t see himself as that brave, adventurous person depicted in his mother’s story, but when Lisette is kidnapped because of the book and he must save her from a murderer, he becomes someone he never knew that he could be.

I loved this charming story of magic and a little bit of mayhem.

Arlo is a likeable, unassuming character, and the feisty and fun Lisette brings out the best in him. I also loved Herbert, a tiny mouse with loads of personality.

The Book of Wondrous Possibilities is full of optimism and resilience and encourages readers to step outside their comfort zone.

Deborah Abela uses luscious language to draw the reader in, and I love the way she doesn’t shy away from words that readers might not know but will gather from the context or be inspired to look up the meaning. The Book of Wondrous Possibilities will not only extend vocabulary, but it will also inspire a love of reading and books.

Readers will be transported into this magical world and will realise that they too can be heroes.

The Book of Wondrous Possibilities is a story full of charm, humour and adventure for readers aged 8+