Author in residence Day 18 – Your Story is Our Story

So exciting to spend time in Year 4 today.

Many of them have finished the first drafts of their amazing stories inspired by their ‘Missing’ milk carton characters.

We took a photo with the Year 4 students to go in the back of their anthology

Such great imaginations. Their characters went missing on kayaks, from cars and in all sorts of locations and circumstances.

They had some very creative solutions to help their characters find their way home.

We also talked about how hard story endings are to write, and how to make them interesting and satisfying for readers.

Discussing story endings

Many students were using their thesaurus to find more interesting words to use in their stories.

Some of them have been illustrating their stories as they write them.

I worked with my final group of Year 8 students on the Your Story is Our Story project.

With Year 8’s we also looked at creative ways to end stories and went through steps that authors use when revising their stories.

After school, enthusiastic young readers and writers came to pay for pre-ordered books and get them signed.


Thanks to Creative Victoria and Creative Learning Partnerships for making this program possible.

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