Author in residence Day 17 – Your Story is Our Story

Today I met with a very enthusiastic and talented extension group of Year 5 writers to talk about the life of an author, the publishing industry and writing in general.

Students also worked on a piece for the upcoming Write Around the Murray writing competition open to students in Years 3-12. More details can be found here

I worked with Year 7 and 8 students on story endings and self-editing, and how to work through those times in your story when you’re not sure what to write next.

We talked about mini plotting a scene to help you work out what to write, and also different ways to overcome writer’s block.

We also discussed the design and formatting of the anthologies where students will have their work published.

It’s so inspiring to see students being creative and getting immersed in their stories.


Thanks to Creative Victoria and Creative Learning Partnerships for making this program possible.

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