Author in residence Day 16 – Your Story is Our Story

Day 16 started with the Year 3 students, and Eddy and I were feeling a bit sad to be spending our second last day at the P-4 campus.

Students had some fabulous story beginnings, and we talked about the essential elements of a great story.

I can’t wait to read their stories.

I had three sessions with students in Years 7 and 8 and we talked about how difficult endings are to write and shared some tips on how to think of a great finish to a story.

We also talked about the revision process and how long it can take a book to get published from the original idea to see the book on shelves.

Students worked enthusiastically on their stories and we also discussed how it’s okay to write new story beginning if you’re not happy with the one you have, and how the beginning of a story can change depending on what happens in the middle and end.

Years 3-8 Writer’s Club met at lunchtime. Students shared some great stories with the group and we talked about the Write Around the Murray writing competition open to students in Years 3-12. More details can be found here.

An inspiring and productive start to my final week working with students at Yarrawonga College P-12.


Thanks to Creative Victoria and Creative Learning Partnerships for making this program possible.

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