Coming back from Covid

It has been a really long time since I posted here. So much has happened in the last twelve or so months (both good and bad) and it has often been hard to find the words.

We will all be forever changed by Covid, but I still hang onto that hope that I felt in the early days of the pandemic – that with fewer cars on the road, and the reduction in other environmentally damaging activities, our world would get a chance to breathe.

Hope is what keeps us going as writers – it’s what keeps our characters moving forward against all odds.

Covid has been devastating to the arts, but it has given writers like me time out to create, and I have been buoyed by the kindness and generosity of the amazing writing community – the support of amazing readers, writers, podcasters and reviewers who have worked to get our books onto bookshelves around the country and the world.

Human kindness and the care that people have given each other during this difficult time has helped me feel optimistic about our world, even when there is still so much that needs to be fixed – that we need to do to save our environment – to protect the rights of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Our words make a difference – our words of empathy and kindness – our words of wisdom, knowledge and experience – our words that show we care – our words that alert people to what’s going on in the world around them.

So even if you’ve received rejections recently or you’re struggling with writer’s block or submission nerves right now, know that your words matter – that what you write could change someone’s life one day.

Stay safe and keep writing.


2 thoughts on “Coming back from Covid

  1. So glad to see you back. I’m one who hasn’t minded the isolation, as such; I just hate that the whole world is closed, since I practically grew up in airports and on planes. And I miss Australia! My hubby and I kind of think of it as a second home continent. When everything opens up again, I hope I can get Down Under and meet all my writer friends all at once.

    I spent a lot of last summer taking care of me — reading books, sunning, writing some short stories, but not moving ahead with the big stuff. I was just waiting in place at the edge of the Pacific Ocean till I could return to my house which was in the process of being renovated. Once back home, I dived in and it’s been a productive winter and early spring. I am feeling more settled and less stressed.

    You are so right about being kind, empathetic, sympathetic, loving. We need this so much in the world right now. We also need Community, and in my own limited way, I’m trying to do that. I’ve found both good things and deplorable things during this time. I’m grabbing onto the good, positive, joyful stuff, and letting go of the negative.

    I wish you the best in this next year, dear friend.

  2. That would be so great if you could come back to Australia some time soon, Deborah.

    I’m so glad that you spent last summer taking care of you and that you are feeling more settled and less stressed.

    Definitely we must grab onto the good during these times.

    I hope you have a wonderful, inspiring and reinvigorating year too, dear Deborah.

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