Writing With Love

Writing about what you love is such a joyous experience.

Not only that, your passion for your subject comes through in your writing, and makes it sparkle.

Recently, I realised that both my new books due to be released this year involve dogs. And I LOVE dogs.

In Reena’s Rainbow, to be published by EK Books, Reena meets a stray dog and it changes her life. (I love illustrator, Tracie Grimwood’s sensitive and beautiful interpretation of my Dog).

In K9 Heroes, to be published by Scholastic Australia, all four stories are about amazing dogs who have saved people’s lives.

Here are my tips for writing about what you love. I hope you find them helpful.


  1. Remember that your reader might not know as much about your passion as you do … so some explanation might be required.
  2. Story comes first … so don’t let your love for your subject distract you from the art of good story telling.
  3. What you love is part of who you are, it’s part of your natural voice so allow it to filter through organically in your work. Don’t let it become contrived. For example, me bringing dogs into my story happened in my subconscious, and while I love writing about them, that doesn’t mean I should have a dog in every story.
  4. Enjoy the experience. It’s okay to love what you do … even if it’s not paying the bills … yet.
  5. Look for markets that publish pieces about your passion.

What do you love writing about? Do you find recurring themes or symbols in your writing. If so, we’d love you to share your experiences in the comments section of this post.

Happy writing 🙂



5 thoughts on “Writing With Love

  1. I’ve always been fascinated by the natural world and I don’t think I’ve ever lost my ‘sense of wonder’. My first picture book to be accepted for publication early next year is about a little girl creating a zoo in her garden by collecting various exhibits. I tell family members that I’ve written it for the children in our family but…that kid is me. I love writing about minibeasts!

  2. How fantastic, Tricia. Congratulations!

    I can tell you love mini beasts and so did kids. I’m sure they will love it too. Isn’t it great when you can write about what you love?

    What’s the name of your book so we can look out for it? 🙂


  3. Congratulations on the new books. I’m so happy for you!

    To answer your question at the end, I find most of my books have something to do with emotional healing and becoming stronger as a person. I didn’t start out to write about healing, but it’s something I’ve had to do myself and it just leaked out of my fingers and into my books. My novels range from historical to mystery to science fiction, and even a middle grade pirate adventure. However, everyone needs help in some form or other (otherwise there would be no story), and I guess that’s where my passion lies. Story is still most important, but I love when characters grow and change. After all, as someone famously said, “Story is Character, and Fiction is Folks.” (Actually two titles to books about writing).

    Hope your journey with these new books is joyous.

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