A Different Perspective

Sometimes, instead of looking at things in the cold light of day, it can be good to look at them in the darkness of night. 

My characters in my book will be travelling up the Seine in the thick of night, in freezing cold waters with soldiers looking for them.

My characters will be in waters like these

I know being on a cruise boat isn’t quite the same thing, but I decided to take a cruise to experience the sights sounds and smells of the river at night.

I sat up front in the open so I could breathe in the atmosphere.

The humming of the boat’s motor, the smell of the water, the swish of waves against the hull, the shouts of voices from the river bank.

A place takes on a whole different personna at night.

Seasons and time of day really make a difference to pace and mood of a story so I’d certainly recommend standing (or sitting) in your story world at different times to experience how the setting changes.

Hope you enjoy my Paris at night pics. 

Happy writing 🙂


This project is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria 

2 thoughts on “A Different Perspective

  1. Paris is gorgeous at night. Thanks for sharing your photos and your adventure. Using all your senses is so important; it will bring your story more to life.

    Did you get to go up the Eiffel Tower? Do you know they nearly dismantled it after the World’s Fair? So glad they didn’t. It’s stunning, day or night.

  2. Thanks for sharing the journey with me, Deborah 🙂

    We didn’t go up the Eiffel Tower. We did all the tourist stops on our previous visit to Paris. I tried to focus completely on my research this time 🙂

    I’m very glad they didn’t dismantle the Eiffel Tower too. It’s such an icon isn’t it?


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