Look Beyond What You Can See

Research is not an exact science. You have to go where it takes you. You have to trust in the universe a little and you have to push through the road blocks.

Yesterday’s research didn’t really take me anywhere. The places I went to were either closed or didn’t have the information I was looking for.

Although there are some places I need to revisit, today I was hoping to find the last major piece of my story puzzle.

It was research I’d been looking forward to. I mean what’s not to love about doing research at a wine market … and that’s where I was heading … to Bercy.

As always with Paris, it was an easy train ride away (their Met system is amazing).

A walk through the park and I was soon at the Wine market … or the site of the wine market.

But apart from the cobblestones and ramps that looked like they might have been used to roll wine barrels down … there was nothing. I mean nothing.

It seemed strange that a thriving wine market had once existed here, but now there was no trace of it.

Determined not to give up, I walked up and down both banks.

I was soon rewarded for my effort.

Tucked away near one of the bridges was a whole series of posters (thanks to the Port of Paris) detailing the history of the wine market.

And beyond that, the Bercy Village, which according to Secrets of Paris blog are a series of rehabilitated wine storehouses.

Bercy Village

The village was a fascinating place and I discovered all sorts of gems that I hadn’t noticed at first.

It also looked as though some of the barges hadn’t changes much since Ruben was a boy 🙂

Have you ever had a day’s research turn out better than expected?

I’d love to hear your story.

Happy writing 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Look Beyond What You Can See

  1. The casual discoveries which are unexpected are intrinsic to your research – looks wonderful. I am excited to start my research in Hungary for my novel soon.

  2. What a great day for you! So glad you found this. What happened to the wine market?
    I once had an experience in a Museum in Victoria, BC. I’d been writing character backstories to my historical novel and had made up a place called Liberty, Oregon. In this museum in Victoria, I turned a corner and walked into (onto) the streets of Liberty. There were storefronts and window displays, exactly as I’d imagined — and from my era of late Victorian period. I walked up and down that “street” and memorized the details. It was the best research day. I let the rest of the family tour the museum and stayed there making notes until they finally dragged me off to look at something else.

  3. That’s true, Susanne 🙂

    I can’t wait to hear all about your research in Hungary. Sounds fascinating. I was planning to go there too this trip, but ran out of time. I bet it’s an amazing place.

    Have fun at the SCBWI Europolitan. I know they will love you.

    Dee x

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