New Picture Book Treats From Abroad

here-comes-mr-postmouse-300-dpi_0Book Island, winner of the 2016 Bologna Prize for Best Children’s Publisher Oceania brings us two beautiful new picture books from abroad that would make wonderful Christmas gifts.


Here Comes Mr Postmouse is the creation of award-winning author and illustrator, Marianna Dubac.

In this colourful book, readers follow Mr Postmouse on his daily rounds as he visits the home of Mr Bear, Senor Snake, Madam Dung Fly and many others.

But his last delivery for the day is the most important one of all.

imagesThe illustrations in Here Comes Mr Postmouse are quite extraordinary in their detail. Readers will love poring over them and seeing something new each time they visit a page.

latourdefactsouris_bookisland-1They will be fascinated by the variety of animals and entertained by the gentle humour. The text is simple but relevant, and carries the story forward.

Here Comes Mr Postmouse was a winner of the Kirkus Review Best Picture Books 2015.


unknown-2Fox & Goldfish is by Nils Pieters a creator from Flanders, and this is a story about a very special friendship.

Fox knows that his friend is unwell so before it’s too late, he takes Goldfish on an epic adventure beyond the fish bowl.

There is minimal text in this book, and the story is mostly told through stunning illustrations – each one an amazing work of art.

unknown-3I loved the simplicity of this book, but there’s such a powerful story told through the pictures which capture both the joy and sorrow of the narrative. The depth of colour and emotion in each picture leave a lasting impression in the reader’s mind.

It’s a reminder to all of us to live life to the full.

unknown-7Some things – like friendship, farewells, and the beauty of the world – are almost beyond words.

Fox & Goldfish is a great book to share with children who may have lost a pet.unknown-4


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  1. Dear Dee,

    thanks so much for your reviews. I¹m very pleased with them, and so will be Nils and Marianne.

    Hope everything is fine in your neck of the woods:-)

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