Meet the Kids’ Book Publishers & Find Out What They’re Looking For

Alison Reynolds and I are planning a MEET THE KIDS’ BOOK PUBLISHERS event in Melbourne next May, 2016.

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 10.26.43 amIf you’re a Kids’ book writer or illustrator from anywhere in Australia, this will be your chance to meet major publishers.

The event is in its planning stages but we anticipate there will be publisher panels, pitching opportunities, manuscript and folio assessments.


This Professional Development Event will be for NEW and PUBLISHED writers and illustrators,


There will be discussion about pitching to publishers, what they are looking for in a pitch and what’s hot in kids’ book publishing in Australia at the moment.

We also plan to offer one-on-one assessments where you get to speak with a publisher or editor about your writing and/or your folio.


There is no obligation but if you think this is an event you might like to attend, please express your interest by ‘liking’ our Facebook page Meet the Kids’ Book Publishers 

Please feel free to share our page on writing and illustrator forums and with your writing/illustrator friends.

Also, feel free to ask any questions

11 thoughts on “Meet the Kids’ Book Publishers & Find Out What They’re Looking For

  1. Predicting great excitement and popularity for this incentive. Well done ladies! And Good Luck with it!

  2. This sounds wonderful. This is probably a silly question but does ‘kids’ include a young adult audience or is it for authors aiming at younger readers.

  3. Thanks Wendy,

    It’s not a silly question at all and I’m sure there will be lots of blog readers who are glad you asked it 🙂

    ‘Kids’ does include ‘young adults’ in this instance.


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