Run A Writing Competition For Kids at Your School and I’ll Donate Prizes

Writing competitions are a great way to encourage kids who love to write.

If you hold a writing competition at your school, I’d be happy to donate a free e-book on writing for up to 10 prize winners.


Running a writing competition is easy.  Just follow the simple steps below:

1. Decide on age categories, story length and theme – (it could be something to fit with the current curriculum).

2. Decide when you will run it – term breaks and school holidays could be a good time.

3.  Ask your local newsagent, book store or stationers if they are willing to donate prizes.

4.  Advertise your competition around the school, at the library and in classrooms. You can use the flier below if you like – just fill in the gaps for your competition.

Writing Competition Flier

5.  If you don’t have time to read the stories yourself, ask for willing parent or other community helpers.

6.  Get the readers to shortlist the entries and decide on the winners.

7.  Present winner’s certificates and prizes at assembly.

8.  Publish winning stories to your school blog or in your newsletter if you have one.

If you have any questions on how to run your competition, include them in the comments section of this post.  Good luck with your writing competition:)





10 thoughts on “Run A Writing Competition For Kids at Your School and I’ll Donate Prizes

  1. Dear Dee,

    Marvellous incentive! I’ve passed onto my school and offered my services to judge LOL. Currently judging the FAWQ Flash Fiction comp entries and pretty sure some of our students could match some of entries.

    Thank you,


    Dimity Powell Children’s Author Children’s Book Reviewer

    Debut junior novel ~ PS Who Stole Santa’s Mail?

  2. I could do this! We have a school district right next door to me. Will you send to the US? I know it’s an e-book…


  3. School is out now for summer, until September. Will go check with the school on this. Send me a FB PM and remind me, please. Otherwise, my old brain may put it on the shelf and forget.



  4. We do. But we have shorter ones at Christmas — 10 days — and in Spring — about a week. Summer is usually the longest. This year, kids got out earlier, due to no snow days. Nice for them.

  5. Hi Jogn,

    It’s great that you are running a writing competition.

    I’d be happy to donate the books to Uganda. They are e-books so they come via email and they have tips about writing.

    Let me know if this interests you and I can email you.



  6. Hello again Dee,
    Thank you very much for your prompt reply. Considering your offer, I will make the following requests: (1) We are launching the Children Prize in October. Following our objectives to help school going children appreciate writing and improving both the reading and writing culture, we want to establish libraries in schools. We will hence need printed and bound books for this cause. (2) We will also need e-books which would only be supplied to English teachers because in Uganda, very few schools have computers and therefore e-books may not be appreciated as such by schools. Let me know your thoughts

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