Applying for A Grant

Rachel Bradbury has asked me to post about applying for a grant.

Being funded to write a project is every writer’s dream, but unfortunately, arts grants are few and far between so competition is fierce.

Here are my tips on how to apply for arts funding.


  1. Show your passion for your project.
  2. Demonstrate strong reasons why you chose this project and why you are the person to write it – what’s your connection to the subject matter?
  3. Provide strong reasons for why you are doing this project, why now?
  4. Speak with enthusiasm.
  5. Outline where you are in your career and how this project will help your professional development as a writer.
  6. Talk about stylistic devices you are using and why.
  7. Show how your project will benefit others. What impact will this project have on the literary landscape – if it’s groundbreaking – say so. Why this form and not another?
  8. Clearly explain what you are trying to achieve?
  9. Have a clear rationale, clear goals and a clear plan for your project.
  10. Identify what challenges this project will present, and how will you overcome them?
  11. If at first you don’t succeed, keep applying. Some people don’t receive funding until their second and third attempt.
  12. Always read and follow submission guidelines carefully.

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