Sally Snickers’ Knickers

Unknown-2There are so many things I love about Sally Snickers’ Knickers, a picture book cleverly written by Lynn Ward and beautifully illustrated by Anthea Stead.

Sally Snickers is an ordinary little girl who gets into trouble at school for wanting to be an individual, and wear her knickers on her head.

Sally’s teacher is quite put out by this quirk.

But the teacher says she shouldn’t have
her knickers on display
and unless she wears a proper hat,
she’s not allowed to play.

One of the things I liked about this story is that it’s so relatable for small children. I remember a friend’s son who never went to the supermarket without his underpants, worn proudly on his head. It’s a situation kids find humour in, and it’s a way of asserting their individuality.

Unknown-4I love the way Sally is helped out by her classmates who support her quirkiness and eventually convince the teacher that Sally is okay.

Sally Snickers’ Knickers is told in rollicking rhyme, and the hilarious illustrations rollick along too.

Unknown-3Anthea Stead’s riotously colourful pictures perfectly complement the text.

Sally Snickers’ Knickers is about being an individual, and about supporting your friends. But it’s also a playful, fun read, which makes it a great classroom book.

Sally Snickers’ Knickers is published by Walker Books for readers aged 4+


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  1. Sounds interesting. And I love that she is called Sally Snickers, because that’s what we would all do. My kids would put their clean knickers over their heads when they were young and run about with them. They called them “head pants”. The funny things kids do!

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