Jake In Space – Volcanoes of Venus

Jake In Space – Volcanoes of Venus by Candice Lemon-Scott is an action packed read with plenty of humour.

872-20150129144727-Jake-4-LRJake lives in the future. His home base is a space station on Earth but he travels throughout the solar system, solving mysteries and thwarting villains before they can carry out their evil plans.

In each story, the Central Intergalactic Agency (CIA) sends its cyborg, Henry, on a secret mission. Jake ends up helping his cyborg friend but things never seem to go according to plan.

Each Jake in Space book is a stand alone adventure, and Volcanoes of Venus is the fourth book in the series.

Jake is excited to be staying at the famous Floating Hotel of Venus, until his cyborg friend Henry sniffs out more than just garbage. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 9.14.59 amIn Volcanoes of Venus, Jack and Henry race against time to stop the Veno Volcano from erupting and wiping out the Floating Hotel. But the Floating Hotel’s hostess Valerie has other plans.

She captures Jack and his friends, and plans to toss them into the volcano. It will take all of Jack and Henry’s skills and daring to escape this time.

This fast paced adventure also has plenty of lighter moments. Humour is used to show us the authentic voice, of main character, Jake.

After they passed the fiftieth volcano, Jake thought he would rather have his eyes gouged out than listen to the robot go on any longer.

The language, descriptions and interaction between the characters will help young readers imagine themselves in this fun futuristic setting.

Jake In Space is published by New Frontier for readers aged 7+. The Jake In Space website has activities for kids and notes for teachers.

You can find out more about author Candice Lemon-Scott here.

Two new Jake In Space adventures are coming soon.