Once a Creepy Crocodile

Being a bush poet from way back, I’ve always been a big fan of Waltzing Matilda so I was really looking forward to reading Once a Creepy Crocodile, a picture book written to the same rhyming meter. I wasn’t disappointed.

Unknown-3Once a Creepy Crocodile, written by Peter Taylor and illustrated by Nina Rycroft is full of the things that young readers love; colour, humour and some scary bits.

9781743467282 It’s the story of a baby brolga who catches a lurking crocodile’s eye and is invited to join him for tea.

And his tail waggled and wiggled while he winked and grinned and giggled saying,
‘Please come and join me for afternoon tea’.

Luckily, the brolga is kept from harm by the animals of the billabong.

Afternoon tea has never been so dangerous! (Or fun!)

Once a Creepy Crocodile is a riot of colour that lends itself to being an entertaining classroom read or whole family fun.

Unknown-2It’s the kind of book that could also be performed in the classroom with different students taking on the different animal roles in the story.

There’s a cheeky twist at the end that will leave young readers giggling – and Nina Rycroft has illustrated the perfect afternoon tea.

Kids will love the engaging animals and the entertaining illustration detail in Once a Creepy Crocodile.

This book comes with its own singalong CD. Once a Creepy Crocodile is published by The Five Mile Press


8 thoughts on “Once a Creepy Crocodile

  1. Sounds like an interesting book. I need to get it for two small children I have in my life. Do you know if it is on Amazon?

  2. Thanks so much for this, Dee – I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    True facts about the animals, free downloadable music scores and outline drawings of the characters are available on my website:
    After printing on thin card, or gluing to thin card, the drawings can be cut out and attached to paddle-pop sticks or similar for retelling the story or making up a new one.

    I hope that one day I’ll find a YouTube of individuals or a school choir singing it.

  3. What great accessories for your book, Peter:)

    I’ve been asked if it’s available on Amazon.

    If so, can you include the link in your reply comment?

    Thanks 🙂


  4. Many thanks, Habisha and Dee

    It’s been written for ages about 3-6, but know a friend’s 2 year old has just about learned it off by heart. Children who are older than 6 will enjoy singing it or playing it on an instrument, finding out about the animals and maybe trying to make up a story themselves which is similarly modeled on a familiar poem, nursery rhyme or song.

    No, it’s not on Amazon or The Book Depository. If you put the title in a search engine, there are plenty of Australian online stores selling it, as well as traditional stores and maybe eBay, but for overseas buyers, I recommend buying through the publisher’s website, which has reasonable postage (especially with the current weak Australian dollar):

    I do hope it will become more readily available in the US and other countries, where I’m sure it will be enjoyed. I may be wrong, but I have a feeling this avoidance of Amazon may be to do with copyright on the tune of Waltzing Matilda, which is on the CD sung with the original words and also with the words of the book. Copyright has lapsed in Australia, but I think may still be in place in America for another year or two. When Australia wanted to officially sing it in the stadium at the Atlanta Olympics, they had to pay the US copyright holder a fee.

  5. I hope it comes to the States, too. If the copyright is renewable, whoever own it will likely do so. Frustrating. I think it would be a cute book for my granddaughters and godson. I didn’t have a chance to look for books when I was in Australia. Wish I had, I think Australia has some wonderful authors.

  6. It is frustrating isn’t it? You would think in these global times that it would be such an issue.

    I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to catch up while you were in Australia.


  7. Dee, I’m sorry too. My husband and I promise we’re coming back. We loved it there, would have stayed, but couldn’t get a permanent Visa without sponsorship. So we’ll come back for visits and see what transpires. Next time we’re there, we will definitely get together. Hubby likes meeting all my writer friends.

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