An Aussie Year Visiting Tomorrow – Drop in and Leave a comment and you could Win

An Aussie Year Virtual Tour FINAL jpgWIN a Mentoring Package and Writing Ebook!

Leave a writing tip in the comment’s section on today’s post and you could win a mentoring package valued at over $100 including editor’s report and feedback on your first ten pages (double spaced) plus synopsis. The package also includes a free e-book on writing.


12 thoughts on “An Aussie Year Visiting Tomorrow – Drop in and Leave a comment and you could Win

  1. When writing your first draft of a manuscript, enjoy the creative process and the flow of the words by switching off your brain’s editor function. Writing and editing are two different processes. Leave the editing process for another day. When you edit you will be focused just on that skill. I don’t know of anyone who wrote a perfect first draft, edited it as they wrote and had their manuscript published.

  2. When I am starting a new manuscript I ask myself WHO is the main character, WHAT is it they want, WHY can’t they have it and WHERE does this all happen?

  3. I have been a story writer for more than two years. I sometimes find myself stuck in lack of ideas, though. I, therefore, claim that the first and foremost factor of a great piece of writing is what you imply by your words, what message you send to your readers. What makes a story different from a daily chat or talk? That is not necessarily the romantic or mighty phrases or sentences, but the ideas, the concepts… I always make a detailed outline before heading to write. It is gonna be such a mess if you don’t ever do it. I recommend that we should write something provocative what makes people think ang change positively. People are more and more lazy thinking, but passive absorbing everything. You are, hence, successful if you could make their brain whirl to get a better life attitude 🙂 That is what I thought, not sure if it is practical and useful in English written literature, though 😀

  4. We just discussed writers block last week in my YA writing group. One tip was don’t forget ALL the senses in your writing. It helps add that extra layer to your work.

  5. Thanks for your comment Little Nomad,

    It’s an interesting point you raise about what makes a story different from a daily chat?

    I agree that writing is a great way to get a message across and make people think.

    I hope your writing is going well.


  6. This is really good advice too Melissa:)

    It’s easy to just focus on one or two senses and forget the rest – but incorporating all the senses makes our writing so much richer.


  7. Love the concept of this book. My tip; sometimes it is hard to start that first sentence. i always write the last page of my manuscript first, it helps the creative process along.

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