Share Our Indigenous Past – “Ancient Australia Unearthed” – Support this Important History Book for Kids

Ancient Australia Unearthed is a groundbreaking book for kids that uses archaeology to teach Australia’s ancient history.

Author and teacher, Alethea Kinsela is seeking support for this important new project. I hope you can help her.


postcard lrTeachers need quality, comprehensive resources to help them deliver the new Australian Curriculum topic ‘Ancient Australia’, and this book will address that need.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs Project Officer of the Young Archaeologists’ Program at La Trobe University, it’s my job to design and deliver archaeology activities that cover history curriculum topics, and to talk to history teachers about everything from bottles to bones.

Since the introduction of the new Australian Curriculum, teachers have struggled to find quality resources for the topic ‘Ancient Australia’. This unit is all about the Indigenous past, and while there are a handful of amazing online activities for kids, there are currently no books devoted to this topic for a high school audience.

Over the past six months, many teachers have asked me for advice about where they can access quality and comprehensive resources about Ancient Australia. I assumed that, being a set topic on the Australian Curriculum, that there would be a wealth of great resources in print, but after a thorough investigation, I was astounded to discover that Ancient Australia barely even rates a mention. It was at this point that I decided to address the problem and write a book.

Ancient Australia Unearthed sample draft Homo Floresiensis

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI decided to self-publish Ancient Australia Unearthed because going through ‘traditional’ publication routes was going to take too long. Teachers need this information now, not in one or two years. Also, I want the freedom to include as many illustrations as I think is necessary. Many publishers have limited image quotas, and this book requires loads of pictures – after all, it has to appeal to kids as well as their teachers!

Artefact drawingI’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign to help cover the cost of design, print and distribution, as well as copyright royalties – it can cost as much as $70 for permission to use a single image, and this is an image-loaded book. Please consider supporting this important project, and help bring Indigenous prehistory into our schools.