My Nevada Writing Adventure – Day 2, Part 2 – Lost

IMAG4670I arrived in Sausalito and was met at the ferry by Mina in a shiny red hired Nissan.

IMAG4672We’d agreed in advance that it would be safer for her to drive seeing as Australians drive on the opposite side of the road to the US. (I’m still confused about that one.)

I was appointed official navigator, which owing to my ‘sometimes confused’ sense of direction, might not have been the smartest move.

IMAG4673My task was to get us from San Francisco to Fallen Leaf. Mina had already mapped out a route on her iPad so it should have been fairly straight forward – but it wasn’t.

The trip was a little like the young adult novel I’ve been working on recently. Everything was straightforward for most of the journey, but we found ourselves going around in circles (A LOT) at the end.

IMAG4679In my defence, technology was against us. I’d brought two phones with me just in case, but neither of them worked – nor could we use Mina’s phone – and to make matters worse, the iPad couldn’t seem to find the satellite either. So once we got to South Lake Tahoe we had no idea of where to go and no map.

We ended up going in the wrong direction for quite some time before we decided that we’d better ask someone for help. (Although at this stage we weren’t panicking – it was a pretty nice place to be lost – and so far we hadn’t seen a bear:)

IMAG4682We were lucky to encounter a very kind American who used his phone to help us get directions to our destination. His name was Gabrielle Waterman, and we have both promised him a name in our next book. Mina plans to use him in her YA, and I have plans for him to be the hero in my adult novel – so he will be assuming two quite different identities.

We finally arrived at Fallen Leaf Retreat just on nightfall – but it was certainly worth the drive. What a beautiful place.



1. Don’t just map out the first part of the story – make sure your plan goes right to the end.

2. Make sure your novel ending is strong and direct and doesn’t go around in circles.

3.  If you find yourself going around in circles, stop and ask for help.

4.  While you are going around in circles, decide which landmarks are really important.

5.  Once you reach your destination – the end of your novel – take a break from it and celebrate the fact that you have arrived at this place. Congratulations:)

Happy writing:)



10 thoughts on “My Nevada Writing Adventure – Day 2, Part 2 – Lost

  1. Dee, can just imagine your journey with Mina, lol. You needed a ‘Ross’, who insists on going to the nearest AAA before we start a road journey to get a real map of wherever we are. That way, if there’s no satelitte, you’ll never get lost. 🙂
    Enjoy the rest of your stay over here. xx

  2. Writing a novel and travelling to a new place really do have a lot in common, Dee 🙂 I hope that you and Mina have a productive and fun time.
    I’m enjoying hearing about it and looking forward to the next episode.

  3. good points. Glad you arrived safely. And did I see snow at Tahoe already? Fun — but cold. Hope you brought winter gear. It’s coming on summer in NZ, isn’t it?

    My only additional tip: Enjoy the entire journey from beginning to end. The side trips and circles can add detail to the writing, which you wouldn’t have seen if you hadn’t gotten lost. sometimes the “circles” are the best part of the writing.

    It’s all good, as my son says. I hope you have the most marvelous time and I’m looking forward to more of your journey.

  4. Thanks Deb,

    Yes we had snow. We did bring our winter gear luckily. I’m actually from Australia, but it’s coming on summer there too:)

    Thanks for the additional tip – you’re right, side trips are very inspiring.

    We are having a marvellous time.


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