My Nevada Writing Adventure – Day 2 San Francisco

IMAG4638After landing at San Francisco airport, my next challenge was getting to my hotel at Fisherman’s Wharf. It had been nearly twenty-four hours since I left Australia.

The airport to hotel trip proved a lot easier than I anticipated – a shuttle bus took me straight to the door.

By the time I arrived at my hotel the lack of sleep was starting to catch up with me, but I was determined to press on.

After showering and unpacking, I set off to explore Fisherman’s Wharf. It was teeming with colour and life and really good food smells, although my confused body clock wasn’t ready to eat.

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and The Silver Fox was offering boat cruises of San Francisco Bay for just $15 – seemed like the perfect choice – and it was:)

IMAG4605The cruise took us under the Golden Gate Bridge where we could see Sausalito in the distance. Dolphins bumped and danced around our boat.

On the way back we cruised past Alcatraz with its chequered past.  Although we didn’t go that close, I felt the sad aura of human misery and decay.


In the early 1860s, civilians arrested for treason during the Civil War were kept at Alcatraz. At one time, it housed 500 men. Alcatraz operated as a jail for the next 100 years.

San Francisco Bay was very beautiful and the cruise was a great start to my time in the US.


After a dinner of spinach, feta and broccoli foccacia (yum) I wrote a bit, and finally made it to bed by 10.30pm.

IMAG4640I woke up feeling refreshed and set off to catch the ferry to Sausalito where I was meeting my very good writing friend from the Netherlands, Mina Witteman who had also come to the US to do the SCBWI Nevada Mentor Program.




1.   Travelling can be a bit like writing. Scary at first, but once you immerse yourself and let go, it’s really quite fun.

2.  Absorb setting atmosphere – what is it about this place that inspires certain emotions  in you? For me at Alcatraz, it was the burnt out buildings – the large buildings with tiny windows that couldn’t possibly let in much light.

3.  Absorb the sounds and scents of new places – and don’t forget to note them in your journal.

4.  Be open to new experiences and challenges.

5.  Don’t be afraid to ask for directions. This applies to writing too:)

Safe travels on your writing journey:)



10 thoughts on “My Nevada Writing Adventure – Day 2 San Francisco

  1. We went OVER that bridge on our drive up the Pacific Coast Highway. San Francisco is a treat. Alcatraz made me feel both sad and very, very glad not to be too close to it; you’re right, it does have an atmosphere and you can feel it even from the park on the other side of the bridge.

    Loved riding the trolleys and wandering Fisherman’s Wharf. We got a huge loaf of sourdough bread. Yum.

    Tip #7: watch out for the trolleys. It’s hard for them to stop on the hills.

    Other than that, explore, get lost, turn around and come back. Enjoy the adventure. This applies to writing and life in a new place. Just keep your eyes open and be careful. I’m loving your blog.


  2. I love travelling, especially when it’s to a place that can inspire my writing. I’ve been to Asia a few times, and I find that the bustling city streets I saw there often reappear in the settings of my stories.

  3. Hi Rhiannon,

    It’s great to be able to use settings like that in your story isn’t it?

    I find that bustling places give me so many ideas for stories.

    I hope your writing is going well.


  4. Hmmm… My writing journey doesn’t seem anywhere near as exciting as yours at the moment, Dee. Definitely agree about absorbing/noting sights/sounds/smells. And too, your response to all these. It’s often an internal intangible feeling – but good to try and pin it down in words.

  5. San Francisco is truly a wonderful city for vacation. You can do so many things there and you never have enough. Like travelling itself. Pictures are gorgeous. I hope you had a great time.

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