Tuesday Writing Tips – Networking

Some of my wonderful QLD writerly friends

Some of my wonderful QLD writerly friends. Michael Gerard Bauer, Sheryl Gwyther, Julie Nickerson, Lynn Priestley and Karen Collum

Today’s Tuesday writing tip is very short because I’m out for the day, catching up with my good writerly friend and author of the fabulous Pippa books, Julie Nickerson

Jules is from Queensland and she is braving our cold Melbourne winter to see the sights – that’s what I like about writers – they are a courageous and determined bunch. It’s the only way to survive the ups and downs of writing.

So today’s very brief tips for the happy writer are:

1.  Network – surround yourself with wonderful writing friends who support you and your work in a positive way – people who allow you to share their writing life and it’s highs and lows. I meet my writer friends by going to conferences and networking online.

2.  Don’t forget to take time out to enjoy the fun parts of being a writer – meeting other writers and sharing words and experiences.

3.  Be open to meeting new people and their perspectives on your work, but still keep a clear vision for it, and only change things that after careful consideration, you think will make your story better.

4.  Step out of your comfort zone and travel interstate and overseas to explore the wonderful world of writing – even if you don’t get the chance to physically travel, you can do it online through writer’s networks. I’ve made writerly friends in the US, UK, India, Spain, Netherlands, just by joining online writer’s groups through Facebook and organisations like SCBWI.

5.  Networking with other writers reminds you how unique and talented you/they are. Start thinking of yourself as a writer and you will become one.

Happy writing:)

I’m off to catch the train.



12 thoughts on “Tuesday Writing Tips – Networking

  1. Dee, encouraged by this post I dashed into the city to meet you and Julie. I am so happy I did. My creativity is fizzing once again after our talks and laughter.
    Thank you for a wonderful post!

  2. It was wonderful to catch up with you, Dee and Alison! Thank you so much for coming in to the city to see me. It was a great writerly day, and I wish we could do it more often.
    I’m back in Brisbane now – it’s cold and rainy so I’m missing Melbourne – for many reasons!

  3. Ha! I don’t think I’ve ever thought to wear two pairs of socks before, even when I lived in Canada! Hope the cold weather doesn’t last too long. xx

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