Tuesday Tips – Blending the real and the futuristic world – The Originals by Cat Patrick

9781742973579Cat Patrick’s new YA novel, the Originals is a fabulous example of how you can blend the contemporary world and a futuristic setting to create a compelling, believable story that even non sci-fi fans can relate to.

It’s the story of Ella, Betsey and Lizzie who could be triplets, but in fact they are clones. And not only that, they are clones in hiding, but they’re not really sure what they’re hiding from. All they know is that their mother is so secretive about their existence that she insists they live as one person.

If you think this is just another clone story, you’re wrong. Ella, Betsey and Lizzie are illegal clones and if their identity becomes known they could be split up and taken from their mother. So they are forced to divide their days and nights into thirds and live only one third of a life. The three of them have to pretend to be one person, which means they are never allowed to be seen  in public together.

By using contemporary teen issues of love, sibling rivalry, coming of age and the need to be an individual, Cat Patrick’s the Originals manages to appeal to a much broader readership than the traditional sci fi reader.

She uses these teen issues to create a sense of urgency, and tension that make the Originals hard to put down.

We are clones in hiding. We split our lives and exist as one person in the outside world. And we’ve always been happy.

But now I’ve fallen in love … and that changes everything.

Because to let love in, I need to be allowed to be Me.

Lizzie’s desire to be ‘herself’ inspires her to rebel and the others soon follow. But if they want to live their own lives, they’re going to have to band together and risk everything.

The Originals is compelling – especially if you enjoy sci fi that’s set in a world that’s a lot like you could imagine ours being in the future – a world that you can picture in your  mind.

Apart from being a great read, this book will show you at least five important things about writing:

  1. How to create a believable futuristic world that readers can relate to.
  2. How to add a twist that turns an everyday story into something unique and tension filled.
  3. How to develop a well rounded main character with flaws and virtues that connect her to readers.
  4. How to decide on your point of view character.
  5. How to use one character’s point of view to reveal what’s going on with other characters.

The Orginals is published by Hardie Grant Egmont.

Happy reading and writing:)



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  1. I’ve just finished reading The Originals (read in almost one sitting) and I loved it, as I have with Cat Patrick’s other novels. I agree that she brilliantly blends a contemporary, relatable setting with a futuristic element in a way that really draws the reader in. So glad you enjoyed her book too.

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