Tuesday Tips – Getting Started – Once upon a Slime


I recently read Andy Griffith’s and Terry Denton’s new book, Once upon a Slime, and I have to say it opened my mind to a whole new collection of story possibilities.

This book had so many fabulous ideas for people with writer’s block, or anyone looking for a new idea to write about.

Once upon a Slime is Andy Griffith’s challenge for young writers to come up with the silliest, stupidest, wackiest, craziest ideas and stories of all time. But this book also provides great prompts to get older writers scribbling too.

Once upon a Slime contains 45 fun writing and storytelling activities, such as lists, instructions, cartoons, personal stories, poems and pocket books … all gleaned from the mad bad mind of bestselling Australian children’s author, Andy Griffiths.

It has simple, practical and inspiring ways to have fun with words and pictures.

My favourite prompts were:

  1. Fun with food
  2. I hate …
  3. Just terrifying
  4. Lifting the lid
  5. Stretching the truth
  6. That’s embarrassing

See how a few words can conjure up all sorts of ideas – read the chapters and you’ll be even more inspired.

This book is a great example of how to combine biography with instructional content to provide  informative and entertaining reading – how sharing a part of yourself and your personal experiences can add credibility. Andy and Terry reminded me that ‘how to’ books don’t have to be dull and boring.

Once upon a Slime opens with Andy telling the reader how he wrote his first story when he was eight – a get well card to his dad – and ends with the ‘what if’ question that writers ask themselves a lot.

It shares the personal experiences of both Andy and Terry and gives you insight into where they get their bestselling ideas from.

They use examples from their books to demonstrate techniques and despite being an instructional guide, the book unfolds in funny and surprising ways just like their madcap stories.

If you’re looking for an entertaining and inspiring book to generate writing ideas in the classroom or even in your own brain, this could be the book for you. Once upon a Slime is published by Pan Macmillan Australia.

I’m going to have limited internet access over the next two weeks so if it takes me a while to moderate your blog comments, please be patient.

Once upon a Slime provides great inspiration for writers of all ages. Feel free to share your inspiration sources in the comments section of this post.

Happy writing:)



6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips – Getting Started – Once upon a Slime

  1. Great post! I’ll be sure to have a look at that book 🙂 One of my favourite inspiration sources is Sarah Selecky’s “write what you want to read” tweets.

  2. Hi Dee. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this book. Sounds a wonderful resource for all writers. I know how talented Andy and Terry are, so look forward to purchasing a copy.

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