The Muse is Back

My muse, Molly on the way to her new home

My muse, Molly on the way to her new home

You may (or may not:) be wondering where I’ve been. It’s been hectic at my place; a tight publisher deadline and moving house. The good news – we now have great internet so it will no longer take me 24 hours to do one blog post.

Even once we moved, it was  difficult for me to write because apart from having unpacking to do, my muse was missing. My Molly Goat was back at the farm.

This week, we brought her to the new home and  she has settled in unbelievably well. And surprise, surprise, the words are flowing again.

It just goes to show, we can’t do without our muse:)

Do you have a muse? What’s your muse? Why are they important to you?

Now that my muse Molly is settled in our new home, the words are flowing again.

Now that my muse Molly is settled in our new home, the words are flowing again.

I’d love to hear your stories.

This year I won’t be blogging so much because I have lots of exciting writing and illustrating projects demanding my attention, but I’ll still be sharing my writing tips and news.

If you have a writing question you want answered or a writing dilemma you need help with, feel free to email me. Dee*at*Deescribe*dot*com*dot*au and I’ll be happy to help you if I can – and share my tips on this blog.

And please feel free to share your muse stories in the comments section of this blog.

Happy writing:)



12 thoughts on “The Muse is Back

  1. Love your muse Dee. i imagine my muse is a little being of light that flutters about my head. sometimes creative…and other times the cause of that blank look you may see lol. my words seem to ebb and flow but i know im more creatively inspired when surrounded by rivers and gumtrees…our beautiful mountains…and places of natural beauty.

  2. We should all have a goat, Dee! Especially one like Molly.
    I hope your muse weaves her magic and your story unravels from your brain in a huge whoosh. (I need a good YA to read!)

  3. Thanks Alison,

    I’ve had a good writing morning – except I had to go back to the old house to pick up the chair from my study:)

    Hope you’re having an inspiring day.

    Dee x

  4. Do you know, I don’t have a muse. I do need one (because) I don’t write enough. Spending one morning in the company of Katherine Battersby at the launch of Brave Squish Rabbit was very inspiring though. Molly must be very special Dee.

  5. Hi Dee, I’m glad you’re settling in to your new home. I haven’t seen my muse for six weeks but were recently happily been reunited. Carlos my cat is great company but he does get a bit pushy when he wants a pat and he sometimes steps on my keyboard. He does leave a bit of fur around too. Anyway, happy writing to you & your muse Molly. Neridah 🙂

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