Happy 2013 – A Year for Trying New Things

Taking Washing Off the line low resHappy 2013 everyone.  I hope your year is full of inspiration and wonderful creative experiences.

I’ve had a busy start to the year with a publisher deadline and moving house.

I’ve also been working on my picture book, Molly Loves to Help.

For the first time, I’m trying my hand at illustrating and it’s so much fun. I’ve just finished the roughs and now I’m working on finishing each of the illustrations.

CCI16042012_00001Working on this book is special to me in so many ways. It has taken me back to drawing, which is something I always loved at school, but could never find time for until now. It’s also special because I’m writing about my goat Molly, who has personality plus, and also happens to be my writing muse.


One of my new year’s resolutions was “less blogging, more writing”. This means I’m still going to provide writing tips here, but not every week.

Feel free to suggest writing tips topics in the ‘comments section’ of this post. I’ll also be providing tips based on the project/projects I’m working on and specific writing questions I get from people.

Thanks for supporting my blog last year.   I’m looking forward to sharing our writing worlds in 2013.

Happy writing:)


P.S. remember to share any suggestions for writing tips topics in the comments section of this blog post.


10 thoughts on “Happy 2013 – A Year for Trying New Things

  1. Hi Dee,
    Love your “Year of Trying new Things”. I’m too venturing out into new uncharted projects.

    Love your venture into illustrating & these two “cute” illos shown here …
    Best of luck with your new picture book.
    Take care,
    Karen Tyrrell 🙂

  2. Love your illustrations wish i could draw it would make it so much easier when I write the kid’s book to be able to add my vision with them. Good luck in 2013.

  3. Wow! Awesome illustrations, Dee. I don’t know these authors with hidden talents…hee hee. I hope the move went well and I look forward to reading your posts (and interviewing you when you have time) in 2013.

    Best Wishes


  4. Thanks Renee,

    I’m glad you like my illustrations:) The move has gone well, but it’s still pretty chaotic here:) I’m hoping to have everything organised and ready to go for the start of Feburary:)

    I hope you have a great year and I look forward to being on your blog.


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