Welcome to the “Sunlight” Cyber Launch


Thanks everyone for coming here today to celebrate this exciting event.

I’m thrilled to be launching Sunlight, the latest book of lovely and multi-talented Josie Montano. I was lucky enough to  meet Josie in Queensland recently and she’s every bit as thoughtful and lively as her books.

Josie works as a full-time writer and her love of fiction began at aged 8.

That’s about how old I was when I found fiction too, but I wasn’t quite as confident as Josie who used to shelve her stories in the school library.

Josie has won a number of awards for her writing and after reading Sunlight, I’m not surprised. She writes with passion, originality and authenticity, getting right inside the minds and hearts of her characters.

Josie is also well published in the field of Asperger Syndrome, and I’m sure her books have helped many people with the condition and their loved ones. She was presented with an Autism Carers Award in 2009 by the Governor-General of Queensland.

If you want to know more about Josie, you’d better come back here in half an hour when I talk to her about how she wrote her YA novel, Sunlight.

WIN an e-book on writing

Send a congratulatory message to Josie in the comments section of this post and you could win a free copy of my e-book, 10 Top Writing Tips: Ideas and Inspiration

Thanks for coming to Josie’s Cyber launch. Charge those glasses and enjoy the cyberbubbles and the calorie free cyber cake.

Cheers Josie and congratulations on your new book:)

Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!

See you back here in half an hour when Josie provides her writing tips on how she created her new book.

22 thoughts on “Welcome to the “Sunlight” Cyber Launch

  1. Major Congrats Josie! I know how much this book means to you. I’m also grateful that you’ve shared news of my book launch earlier this year, so I whipped up a wee pressie for you. Can’t seem to put a pic of it here in the comments, so I’ll share on FB. Hugs Anita.

  2. Congratulations on the launch of another book Josie! I wish I had your level of talent and the courage to pursue the dream of being an author! I’m really looking forward to reading your work. Lots of love! K.

  3. Congratulations, bella donna – my lovely chai latte drinking friend and fellow The Gap/Ashgrovian, Josie! Well done you – the cover looks so good! And I’m sure the content is as well – you are such a talented, creative and warm person, it’s a privilege to be counted as one of your friends. 🙂 xx

  4. Felicitations on your launch! It may be OT but I met a boy with Asp at the high school where I did a writing workshop. He was fun to work with. I never had to check his facts, no matter how obscure…

  5. Well done Josie for having such a passion and talent. To share your gift of words to others. the tittle is so appropriate “SUNLIGHT” because you certainly do not need any sunlight to shine. You shine in the light and the dark. Shine On as you I so know you absolutely do. Julesx

  6. Congratulations, Josie.

    The strong title and compelling cover just make me want to open that first page and start reading.
    Enjoy the champers!

    Best wishes
    Margaret Warner

  7. Many sparkling wishes and blinking congratulations on launching “Sunlight” I will have a wee sip of champers…though not the cyber kind…to celebrate your revelations…such a fabulous talent and a really lovely friend. Love Ruthie.

  8. Hi Josie, Congratulations. Doesn’t seem so long ago, back in 1997?? that you came to our Ipswich Festival of Children’s Literature telling me you were a writer and planned to be published. A dream came true!

  9. Congratulations Josie!! Josie, JOSIE!… Heeeelllllooooooo… Oh, don’t you hate it when you walk into an empty room that you expected to be full of dancing, giggling, gorgeous people, then as you reach for your invitation to check the details scrawled on the thick parchment you start to notice streamers scattered on the floor, deflated balloons hanging limply from tired looking string, lonely crumbs on once stuffed plates, empty and lipstick stained glasses on tables, and a naked man under one of the tables. Boy Josie it seems that you sure know how to throw a party! Sorry I missed it. I will not however be missing your book! I can’t wait to read it. Love Jules. 😉

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