I have a number of submissions ‘out there’ at the moment.

Just to name a few, I have a contemporary YA novel, a humorous mid-grade series, a humorous educational chapter book and a proposal for a non-fiction YA series.

I know there are many many writers out there just like me…waiting…waiting…waiting. And it’s not always easy. There are some days when I wonder whether I’ll ever hear back…when I seriously wonder whether I even want to. Sometimes I feel as if I’m chasing a rainbow that disappears just as I’m about to reach out and touch it.

Last month, I had a ‘will you stop writing this stuff’ rejection in the same month as the same manuscript shortlisted in a major writing competition and I got a request for a ‘full’ for it from a US agent. No wonder we writers get confused.

For a nano second I even asked myself last month why I do this. Why do I put myself through all these ‘ups and downs’? The answer wasn’t hard to find. It’s because I’m a writer. It’s what I do.

And now, less than a week later, I’m excited about writing again…and here’s why?

1.            I have the most awesome writerly friends (you know who you are:) who inspire me with their great work, support me with their caring and wisdom and show me true kindness.

2.            When I’m not writing I’m reading, and reading fabulous books reminds me why I write and inspires me to write better.

3.            I have just done another amazing, inspiring, so full of learning online course with the great Mary Buckham, (Check out her website) who not only provides awesome learning materials but also positive helpful feedback.

4.            I have excavated from my manuscript pile a piece of work I always loved, but never submitted because it ‘breaks a few rules’. I’m now working on that one ready to submit.

5.            A new idea for a quirky new YA novel has leapt into my head, complete with plot and characters…and I’m having fun writing again.

I have put aside what I was working on to pursue this new idea and I’m finding it liberating. This new idea is truly what I want to be writing at the moment.

Sometimes I forget that I have control of all this. I was soldiering on with a manuscript that I still think has merit, but for a number of reasons I’m just not into right now. But I was stubbornly pursuing it because I felt I had to get to the end. But I don’t. Not right now – not when I’m not in the mood – not when I’m not enjoying writing it.

Another thing going for my new WIP is that it’s about a 15 year old boy and I happen to have one of those home on school holidays at the moment…and he’s always willing to help me with ideas, suggestions and crits…so why wouldn’t I make the most of this opportunity?

When your writing isn’t going the way you’d like it to, what do you do to bring it back on track.

I’d love you to share your tips and suggestions in the comments section of this post.

Happy writing:)


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  1. Gemma here,

    Haven’t we all been there?
    Personally, when I get off track, I try to read a lot. I go to my bookshelf and grab something I haven’t read for ages, but love. A comfort book. My favorite is “To Kill a Mockingbird” which I first read sick in bed at the way-to-young-age-of-eleven, but which I was very proud to finish, seeing as I though it was an adult-aged book. Every time I read it, I get inspired! You do get something out of it when you’re eleven, and something different when you’re fifteen, and again when you’re twenty. I’ll never stop re-reading, it’s what got me into this business and it’s what keeps me going!

    The other thing I do is to read lots of writers’ blogs and remind myself I’m not alone, especially when I come across something like this post! Keep blogging, keep writing, keep reading!

  2. Dee, loved this refreshed post from you. I hope (sounds like you have) gave that nano second of doubt a resounding slap with your fly squatter. I have discovered something recently whilst chained to the new temporary routine of school hols, that when I don’t have the opportunity to write, I really want to. New ideas pop up and demand to be let in at the most random moments. Scenes drift in and out of focus waiting for the spot light. The need to write is renewed for me, when inability is increased. Also being surrounded by like tragic / magical stories of others at meeting places like the upcoming CYA here in Brizzy do wonders. But above all, like you, reading feeds so much; the soul, creativity, passion, desire. Hmm. Thanks again.

  3. Great to see your enthusiasm rekindled, Dee. Sometimes we can just burn out from working too hard, for too long. The waiting can be debilitating and eternal. One thing I’ve reminded myself while overseas was that I need to take time out and grab back my weekends. Knock off at five, unless, of course, it’s all zinging and then I’ll be happy to give in to the muse and keep going. BUT, we do need to switch projects on occasion and give ourselves permission to just enjoy time out. I’d forgotten how. I also forgot, I’m in control at this stage, not on anyone’s deadline but my own. Sounds like you and I are harder on ourselves and more demanding than any boss would be. Enjoy your new idea. The project that you gives you joy will also be the one that sings.
    🙂 Chris

  4. Thanks Chris,

    Sounds like you had a fabulous and inspiring trip overseas. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

    I am enjoying my new projects. You are so right about grabbing time for ourselves:)

    Happy writing:)


  5. Thanks Gemma,

    Reading is very inspiring isn’t it. I love it when you find a book like “To Kill a Mockingbird” and the more you read it, the more you get out of it.

    I hope your writing is going well.


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