Finding A Crit Partner/Writing Buddy/Beta Reader has been such a success that I’ve now set up a permanent page on my blog where you can register your interest or look for a buddy. Here’s the link:  

Thanks to everyone who was brave enough to ‘put yourselves out there’ and congratulations to those who have already found a writing buddy or crit partner as a result of this event.

If you don’t want to be included on the page or have found someone already, please let me know.

This week I’m doing something different at DeeScribe Writing.

I’m using my blog to help you find a writing buddy or crit partner.

In fact, my blog will be open all week for you to search and comment.



  1. They help you see things in your work that you can’t see because you’re too close to it.
  2. They support you and help you through those dark times when you think that next rejection might just push you over the edge and make you abandon your writing career.
  3. They encourage you to keep writing and climb out of the black hole of writer’s block, rejection and the isolation of being a writer.
  4. They share information with you that can help you find your way through the maze of writing, publication, industry trends, the submission process etc.
  5. But most of all, they ‘get’ you; they understand your habit. They understand that you can’t help writing, it’s who you are, it’s what you do.
  6. Instead of treating your writing ‘habit’ like an affliction, they treat it like a talent, a special talent.
  7. They understand that writing IS important and that what you are doing isn’t quaint or cute, it’s a real job and deserves real recognition.


If you’re looking for a crit buddy, there are two simple steps to finding one here.

Step One

Register your interest in finding a crit buddy in the comments section of this post by listing:

  1. Your name – it can be a pen name if you wish;
  2. Genre you write in;
  3. Country or state you live in;
  4. Two or three previous publishing credits if any;(Don’t worry if you haven’t been published yet.)TRY AND RELATE YOUR PUBLISHED CREDITS TO THE MAIN GENRE YOU WRITE IN.
  5.  List the three most important qualities you are looking for in a crit buddy;
  6.  Give details of how you can be contacted – email, Facebook or twitter.

Step Two

The next step is for you to check back here in the comments section of this post and see if there’s someone who matches your interest in writing and goals.

Happy writing and I hope you find the writing buddy of your dreams.

Please feel free to share this blog post through Facebook, Twitter etc. I want to help as many writers as possible find a crit buddy.


P.S. If this event proves helpful to writers, I will make this an ongoing event and add a page to my blog where people can meet/find a writing buddy.

P.P.S If your comment doesn’t appear immediately please be patient. My internet is rather slow.




    Name: Danielle Writersblock

    Genre: YA contemporary

    Location: NSW, Australia

    Publishing credits: No published novels but had article published in Teen magazine and a short story in a school publication.

    Three Qualities I’m looking for in a crit buddy: Honesty, kindness, objectivity

    Contact details: (PLEASE DON’T INCLUDE PHONE NUMBERS IN YOUR CONTACT DETAILS) You can use an email address or twitter or FB contact.

  2. Thanks for being such a terrific crit buddy, Dee! I think you are exactly right when you say that we care for each other’s work and want it to be the best it can be before we send it off into the world of publishing. I would encourage everybody to try and find one!

  3. Thanks to everyone who is posting their crit buddy search details here. I hope you find the crit buddy/writing partner of your dreams. If you think someone might suit your writing needs and experience, feel free to email them.

    Also, feel free to spread the word via twitter, facebook etc. The more people who comment here, the more choice you will have:)

    Happy searching:)


  4. It worked!!!!!!!! I’ve got a writing buddy now, Jo Antareau is her name. Total result!!!!! Well done, Dee, this wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

  5. Elle and I have hooked up so just wanted to say a big thank you Dee for a great service. I think it’s a brilliant one to continue or repeat in the future.

  6. HI Dee, thanks for this opportunity ! Was going to say found a buddy however I see my buddy beat me to it!
    many thanks again

  7. Dee, Marjorie and I are now crit partners, since we write in the same genres. We’re also now Facebook friends. Thanks my friend!

  8. SHOOT!! Please disregard the part where something showed up about poetry – Voices of the Heartlands! I had copied & pasted Mardi’s post so I could post the list of requirements and fill in my own. I didn’t delete that part! I’m so sorry Mardi & everyone!

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  10. Thanks Dee. I’ve had two contacts. One for PBs and one YA, so I’m stoked I went ahead and hit that ‘post’ button. Cheers

  11. Thank you Dee! This was a great idea, and I’ve already had contact from three people! I can’t wait to learn and grow with Nicole, Gaetane, and Samantha. Also, I’m always open to new facebook friends!

  12. That’s great Elizabeth,

    Thanks for letting me know. Multiple crit buddies can be a great way to get different perspectives on your work.

    Good luck to all of you with your writing:)


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