IMAGINE…You’re A Writer

Recently, writerly colleagues and I have been discussing the unique way in which our industry works…and the fact that writers need  more than talent. We need to have patience, determination and a passion bordering on obsession for what we do.

When we were joking around, my good friend and crit buddy, Alison Reynolds came up with the line, “You may say I’m a realist” and this inspired the following poem. I hope you enjoy it and I apologise in advance to fans of John Lennon.

20 thoughts on “IMAGINE…You’re A Writer

  1. love your version Dee… now I’m pitying the poor publishers. Undernourished with so much literary fodder. Imagine.

  2. Thanks Kay,

    To be fair, I think I lot of publishers don’t get much sleep or time to eat…and they drink a lot of coffee. Don’t think I’d like to be faced with a slush pile every morning:)


  3. ROTFL! Superb! Dee you have a best seller. ARIA award winner. Makes you laugh, cry, smart and laugh some more. So this is how you spend your time off…

  4. Thanks Dimity,

    I’ve actually been spending my time off drawing:) This was just something that popped into my head inspired by discussion with writerly friends:)


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