I hope you’re enjoying your holiday season.

As you can see, I’ve spent some time overhauling this blog. I wanted to make it more user friendly so it would be easier for you to find information on particular writing topics. I hope you like the new ‘look’. Feedback is always welcome.

To celebrate, the DeeScribewriting Blog refurbishment,  I’m also introducing a new segment on Fridays. As I writer, I know how hard it is to get constructive feedback or to ‘ask that writing question’ you’ve always wanted to ask.

That’s why I went to the SCBWI LA conference in August – looking for clues about this writing business – to get answers to my burning questions about writing. Sometimes you just have to take the risk – take the leap – when the light turns green, move boldly into the fray.

I’m introducing a Friday Feedback segment where you have the opportunity to get FREE feedback on a piece of writing or ask your burning question about writing.

I know it takes bravery to put your work out there, but I’ve found it can be really useful to find out how others interpret what you have written, and the meaning they get from it. I always learn something valuable from the experience. If you’re game to submit your work, I’m happy to read it and share what I know.


Here’s what you do:

1. Submit your question or a piece of writing (up to 150 words) to me by email: Dee*At*deescribe*Dot*com*Dot*au

2. I will notify you by email about when your piece/question will be published. (If I don’t feel I have the expertise to handle your query, I will try to find someone who does).

3.  Your piece with my suggestions will be posted to this blog on a Friday, and other blog readers will also have the opportunity to provide feedback.

Be bold, be brave, it’s worth it to get feedback on your work.

Any questions? Feel free to ask them in the comments section of this post.

I look forward to reading your segments:)

Happy writing

14 thoughts on “FRIDAY FEEDBACK

  1. Hi Paula,

    No problem. I know how hard it is to get work critiqued, especially when you’re starting out and you don’t really know a lot of people. As the feedback will be done on the blog it also means that other writers can benefit from it too.

    Hope you have managed to get back into your writing:)


  2. thanks for offering this. I love your blog and website. i gave your website to a 13 year old who has dozens of half finished stories in her drawer. she complained that her stories started well, then fizzled out.
    happy new year

  3. Hello, Dee. I’ve been lurking on your blog for a while now, and want to come out of the shadows to say thank you for the awesome work you’re doing to support and assist developing writers.
    Is the Friday feedback session only for younger writers, or can we so-called mature folk enter as well?

  4. Thanks, Jo,

    So glad you decided to come out of the shadows:) The Friday Feedback is for writers of all ages and I’d love you to send your piece in. I was going to do my first one last week but unfortunately time got away from me, but this Friday, I’m posting the first feedback so you can see how it will work:)

    Happy writing:)


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