I’m on holidays with my wonderful family this week so there won’t be a Tuesday Writing Tip, but I thought I’d share with you how they inspire me.

My husband of twenty-five years has always thought of me as a writer (long before I felt confident enough to admit it to myself.) There’s nothing more inspiring than having someone believe in you even more than you do. He has taught me that if you want to be a writer, you have to think of yourself as one.

My youngest son has been creating characters and songs since he was about seven, and at twelve has written a novel which he is on his third draft of editing and revising. It’s not just the fact that he writes with amazing clarity and his writing is hilarious – it’s the fact that he keeps going – writing and revising – adding new characters and scenes – each time making his writing better – writing because he wants to without any expectation of publication. He is a bottomless pit of unique ideas and surprising insights.

My eldest son is mad about sport. His passion and focus for what he loves are a constant inspiration. Less than two months ago he took up fencing and recently competed in his first tournament. He’s not just quick, he’s a thinker – he observes and considers his next move carefully. He made it through 5 x 3 minute bouts and into the next round, and the round after that. It didn’t matter to him or us that he didn’t make the finals.  He’d had a fabulous time, doing what he loved doing. He’s never afraid to try new things and face each new challenges head on with courage and commitment.

I’d love to hear about the people who inspire you. Feel free to leave your stories and experiences in the comments section of this post and I’ll look forward to reading and responding to them when I get back from holidays.

Happy writing:)



  1. My mother. We used to read together and some of my fondest memories are experiencing those stories with her and discussing them after.

  2. Kids. What they say, how simplified and pure their logic is and their infinite capacity to believe. (so basically as you outlined; your kids and the hubby because mine’s basically still a kid) Oh yeah plus my chooks and the colour of nature inspires me daily. Have a great break Dee. Dimity

  3. Thanks for dropping in, Dimity,

    I can see we think alike…although I don’t have chooks because we have foxes and wedge-tailed eagles where I live. But I totally agree that the colour of nature is an inspiration.

    Hope you have a great writing week, Dimity.


  4. Cheers Dee. Aiming to Bolt down the Rabbit Hole for the get a ms written challenge next weekend. Will try not to be thinking of you leisurely laying around reading and relaxing! Dimity

  5. You do Dee.
    I had the unexpected delight of renewing my aquaintance with you yesterday after many years without contact. The commercial world had taken over my life and I am now madly trying to run a very busy business indeed.
    But sitting by the fire last night with you talking about writing and the love of words has inspired me to get back to my first love – writing. I am dusting off that old novel Dee and re-working it. There’s nothing like a fire to reignite an old flame!!
    Sharon X

  6. Thanks, Sharon,

    It was so lovely catching up with you too…and it was very pleasant sitting by the fire. Sorry it’s taken me a while to respond, but my computer spammed you. Don’t you hate it when technology starts making decisions for you? (I think it might have been the Nosh Deli address that did it LOL).

    So pleased to hear you sounding so inspired. Can’t wait to read the new version of your old novel:) Keep writing!:)

    Dee x

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