Congratulations! You have a copy of your new book in your hand and now you have decided to take it on a blog tour so you can share it with the rest of the reading world.

As I have mentioned in last week’s post, a blog tour can lead to direct sales of your book. A blog tour might sound a bit scary, but seriously they are a lot of fun. You visit different blogs and you get to talk about your new book baby and show pics. But the key to a successful blog tour is variety.

One of the questions I get asked most frequently about doing tours is:

How do you stop the tour from becoming boring?

The difference between a real tour and a virtual tour are that in a real tour, readers are unlikely to follow your around the country and go to every bookshop or library you stop at.

But in a virtual or blog tour, it is quite common for readers to visit a number of stops along the way to find out more and more about your book.

Readers also like to find out all the interesting things about you the author and about your journey to publication.

Spice Up Your Blog Tour

The simplest way to stop your blog tour from becoming boring is variety. Give your hosts a list of different topics to choose from. If each host chooses a different topic then they will be encouraged to ask you different questions from other hosts

Vary the content

You can stop your blog tour from becoming boring by varying the content – make it look and sound different. Some other things you might like to consider besides straight question and answer interviews by you or straight reviews are:

1.            Puzzles and classroom activities. I invented a word search for my Letters to Leonardo blog tour

2.            Upload excerpts from the book

3.            Upload a book trailer and talk about how you made it.

4.            Get some young readers to do advance reviews and include them on the site

5.            Hold competitions and giveaways – they can include a copy of the book or related merchandise.

6.            Upload YouTube clips showing how you wrote the book or related to the subject matter

7.            Upload podcast reviews of your book

8.            Encourage school blogs to participate and have an online chat with a class about your book

There are no limitations to what you or your blog host can do to make your blog tour fun and exciting. Go wild and have fun!

If you have any blog touring questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section of this post.

Happy writing and blog touring:)


On Friday at DeeScribe Writing (that’s here:) PB author, Catriona Hoy is visiting to talk about her blog touring experiences. Hope you can join us then:)


  1. Lots of great tips here, Dee. I do remember your own blog tour being full of tips and tricks. 🙂

    I think it’s good fun thinking of creative approaches to each individual book/author that visits your blog. And for children’s authors/illustrators, then involvement of children is a wonderful thing!

  2. Thanks, Alison,

    If a blog tour is planned properly and each stop is different, it can be lots of fun – like opening the pages of a book about the author’s life.


  3. Hi Kat,

    Thanks for your comments. I agree that it’s great to involve children in our blog touring about children’s books. And so many schools now have great blogs and enthusiastic bloggers so it can be fun to involve them.


  4. Ahhh Dee, If only I’d read your inightful post earlier! What a good idea to have children’s reviews. But wait, there’s still time… I haven’t finished my tour yet.

  5. Absolutely, Cat,

    There is definitely still time for your children’s reviews. Looking forward to your visit here at DeeScribewriting on Friday:)

    Happy touring:)


  6. Hi Dee,
    Great information. I have yet to do a blog tour so find this all fascintaing. I’m just finishing a cyber course with a US publicist who used to be an editor and she’s also an advocate of blog tours but advises to choose your stops carefully.

    Thanks for you tips Dee, I appreciate your time and wisdom.

  7. Thanks, Kerri,

    Choosing your stops carefully is a good idea. You are looking to broaden your readership for your books and your blog so you want to stop at blogs with readers who might not have come across your work, but are likely to have an interest in it. It’s also good to stop at blogs that might not necessarily be author or book blogs, but might have subject matter related to your themes.

    Happy blogging and writing:)


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